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Ds Abhishek is an Indian Entrepreneur, Musican, Author and Digital Marketer. He has grown his company within 1 year he collaborated and worked with many celebrities and public figures to grow their online business with his Dsandassociates Agency a fully digital marketing Agency since 2020.

Everyone has been or is a student once in their life. If we try to remember our experiences and ambitions, we would find that not many think seriously of their future during that age. However, there are some exceptions to every rule and Ds Abhishek is one such person who is clearly an outlier to the norm. At an age when people can be seen frolicking without a care in the world and many are not even sure about their goals, Ds Abhishek is a person who has not only already decided where he wants to take his life but has also started moving in that direction.

Marketing Agency

Ds Abhishek is the founder of Dsandassociates Agency & PR Agency which globally works across the globe with public figures and Entrepreneurs. They build and increase clients credibility and to help to achieve their goal. Dsandassociates is one of top- notch marketing and PR Agency which helps clients to grow their online presence and helps to scale their business.

Today Ds Abhishek is one of India’s youngest entrepreneurs and social influencers. He has started up his own digital marketing agency by the name of Dsandassociates. He started this company in July 2020, when the pandemic was still raging hard in India. He found it to be a work form that would not only be useful to him but would also help the hundreds of small businesses that were struggling to keep themselves afloat in such trying times. Since its foundation, Dsandassociates has done wonderful work for its clients and has transformed not only businesses but also people’s lives.

Apart from being a successful business owner Ds Abhishek is also an artist. He had always had a passion for music and would often write lyrics for songs in his spare time. Ds Abhishek has shown off his talents as a music producer one of his first songs Astro Boy which had received great reviews and a lot of appreciation on the world’s top music streaming platforms such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Google Play Music and the likes. It also garnered over 5K streams in the first week of its release. He has now gone on to release several more such as Losing Hopes and his latest, Gxxdvibec Beats, which came out on 25th May 2021.

Now that he is a part of the music industry himself, the sheer difficulty to properly market yourself is becoming even more apparent to Ds Abhishek. Many young artists lose out on their shot at fame because of no resources to properly promote their art. This is why Ds Abhishek has taken it up to help his friends and colleagues, being a rising artist himself. He has achieved this ambition through his digital marketing agency. Now, Dsandassociates has many artists and musicians in their client base and Ds Abhishek can provide his own growing fame as a testimony to the efficacy of their methods.


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