Dr Thejo Kumari Amudala received ‘GANDHI PEACE Award’ and ‘Bharathiya Sourya Samman Award.’

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The esteemed personality Dr Thejo Kumari Amudala was recently honoured with Gandhi Peace Award and Bharathiya Sourya Samman Award from the honourable Minister Mr Jibesh Kumar. Endowed with a trained mind and phenomenal intelligence Dr Amudala has won many accolades through the years; she was conferred with Nelson Mandela NOBLE PEACE Award. She is described and widely known for serving society with a distinction in various capacities like women empowerment, education, covid Warrier, Global Peace Ambassador and many more.

A social activist, entrepreneur and global peace ambassador Dr Amudala played many roles in her life. She is a versatile personality who wrote on such diverse subjects about Coronavirus in International Public journals. 

The journey of Dr Amudala towards success was never smooth and straightforward. She is from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. She embraced all-new changes in her life and identified all new problems with unique ideas. She successfully created value and delivered it to people limitlessly that touched people’s lives. Being inclined to a good education, she successfully added feathers in her cap with degrees from world-class institutions like the Indian Institute of Business and IIM. Her primary focus was to build her credibility and what offering she could make to bring about a change in society. 

With a quest for learning and being an eminent educationist, Dr Amudala has completed her business management degrees from top-notch business schools like Harvard, Stanford, London Business School, EMAS, ISB, etc. To add more feathers in her cap, Dr Amudala needed no more introduction as her myriad of doctorate degrees spoke volumes about herself. Through her persistence and hard work, Dr Amudala has acquired doctorate degrees from globally renowned universities like Harvard University, United States of America, Cambridge University, United Kingdom, Central University of America,- PANAMA, Central Christian University South Africa-MALAVI. Besides this, she has also earned numerous doctorates for her immense contribution in the field of social service and business leadership.

Following a spark of inspiration, Dr Thejo Kumari Amudala has a great story that started her on the path of development. She coined the Thejas group in 2011 that caters to the services of Clothing, Information Technology, Digital Marketing, herbal products, Jewellery and pharma business. Her ability to manage projects is what sets her apart from the noise. Being a learner for life, Dr Amudala had built the lucrative venture and pursued everything in her life she was passionate about. With a focus on quality and creating an incredible place, Dr Amudala had grown professionally and come out on top. She never allowed any circumstances in her life to put her off. Instead, every challenge spurred her on to work harder to succeed. By doing great things in her life and society, she undeniably leads an example for others.

She is devoted to peace and love and strives to spread love and harmony in society with her contribution to social work. Indeed, she is making the world a better place and becoming an inspiring soul for many women worldwide. Her story is that of grit, courage, and an unwavering belief in doing good to others and inspired many women to be brave and bring out the best version of themselves. She is the live example of the fact that if our individual actions, conversation and mindsets come together, it can certainly create a significant impact on the larger society. Needless to mention, the contribution of Dr Thejo Kumari Amudala in the world of education and society have made a real difference to the world and turned out to be a role model for the girls of today.

She shares her words of wisdom “Never give up at any instant if you want to succeed in life, in the journey of life at times things do not go as per your plan. At that moment get up and figure out a solution and find a way out to make everything work out. Remain determined to make yourself updated in the changing scenario of the world.”

Claim to Fame – Dr Thejo Kumari Amudala

  • India’s first Global Peace Ambassador
  • India star Women Achiever in Glam Icon of the year 2021 (Ms India Classic winner)
  • Bharath Nari Rathna Awardee.


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