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Dr. Gary Linkov: It’s Time to Reconsider Your Priorities If Your Chosen Career Doesn’t Fuel You

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How many people do you know who can proudly stand up and say they enjoy their day jobs? Studies have found that most people don’t like their jobs. In fact, the source of gratification for most people is their salaries and flashy titles. However, Dr. Gary Linkov believes that enjoying what you do is far more important than any amount you could make.

Dr. Gary Linkov specializes in facial plastic surgery, hair restoration, and non-surgical procedures for men and women. The double board-certified doctor has spent years building his career, growing his skills, and helping people. And through his experience, he has learned the importance of enjoying your job over getting swept up in the perks.

According to Dr. Linkov, you need to pursue what fuels you the most to live a fulfilling life. This means building your professional life around your passion. Dr. Linkov explains that life is too short to hate what you do every day. Therefore, if your job doesn’t motivate or inspire you, it is time to reconsider your priorities.

“When you pursue your passion, you become more fulfilled in your daily life,” notes Dr. Gary Linkov. “Your career is not just a source of income; since it takes up the majority of your life, it should also be enjoyable.” Dr. Linkov further notes that when you build a career around something you love, you are more productive and focused. It is also a great boost to achieve a healthy work-life balance which is glaringly missing in the lives of most modern professionals.

The fear of making the necessary changes to pursue your passion is ever-present. However, Dr. Gary Linkov says that the only way to overcome it is to face your fear head-on. You will never know what’s on the other side if you don’t cross the bridge. And, when you show the courage to do what you love, you become a source of inspiration for others as well.

If your loved ones asked you whether you enjoy your career path, what would you say to them? Dr. Gary Linkov encourages everyone to consider this question in order to figure out whether or not they’re pursuing what truly fuels them.

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