Dr. Catherine Chang: The Secret To Success Is Believing In Yourself

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Depending on who you ask and where you ask it, the secret to success can be found in many different ways. The shelves in book shops across the world are weighed down with a plethora of titles promising the secret on how to tap into your potential and gain untold riches. Meanwhile, every corner of the internet is full of snake-oil salesmen offering you the keys to the kingdom for a modest admission price. Yet few of it works and quadruple Ivy League graduate and Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Catherine Chang will tell you why.

“The true secret to success is believing in yourself,” explained Dr. Catherine Chang. “That’s all there is to it! There’s no secret formulas or miracle recipes, it’s all about having the confidence to believe you can achieve your goals and realize your dreams in the face of a critical world. Do not let others’ definitions and categorizations of you as a person define who you are. You are responsible for charting your course, sailing the ship, and creating your own future, so believe it!”

As a female plastic surgeon in a highly competitive and male-dominated industry, Dr. Catherine Chang has faced many obstacles and hurdles in her life to get from where she was to where she is. Tellingly, she remains grateful for all that hardship and adversity because she believes it made her stronger and her self-belief more impregnable.

“Self-belief is a powerful tool. I would say it was almost superhuman,” explained Dr. Catherine Chang. “When you’re surrounded by doubt, criticism, and no-one appears to have any faith in you or be on your team, it’s the only thing you’ve got to turn the tide in your favor. You know yourself inside you, better than anyone else, so believe in who you are, where you’re from, where you’re going, and what you’re capable of. Success is yours for the taking, but you need to have a little faith.”


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