Dr. Bharat Agravat received “Times Gujarat Icon Award 2022” for innovation to prevent oral cancer – OSMF Mouth opening Kit, One of the leading visionary in Cosmetic and Implants dental care

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AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, INDIA 14th MAY, 2022 – Popular dentopreneur Dr. Bharat Agravat, who is the founder of India’s first dental tech startup Smile In Hour, has been awarded with the Times Gujarat Icon Award 2022. A medical professional par excellence, Dr. Bharat Agravat has been leading the country in devising innovative solutions to counter a highly preventable but debilitating and deadly disease — oral cancer. His spirit of continuing to go two steps further with each success led him to keep researching and innovating. The award recognizes his achievement to find sure shot treatments for prevent oral cancer cure Oral Submucous Fibrosis including OSMF Mouth Opening Kit, Cosmetic & Implants Dental Care etc.

The event was held in Ahmedabad by the Times of India Group and Economic Times. It was also attended by many dignitaries such as Gujarat Vidhansabha first woman speaker Dr. Nimaben Acharya and Shree Sanjeev Mehta- State Convenor, member Foreign Affairs Dept Bharatiya Janata Party BJP Gujarat state and popular Bollywood actress Amyra Dastur. Many other luminaries and dignitaries from the regional medical, Dental and social fields attended the event to commemorate the services of Dr. Bharat Agravat. Another highlight of the event was that Dr Bharat Agravat and Dr Harsha Agravat’s innovative and globally popular OSMF Mouth Opening DIY Kit presented to respected Shree Dr. Nimaben Acharya and Shree Sanjeev Mehta.

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“We are glad to see Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd and Smile In Hour grow by leaps and bounds. The event to facilitate Dr. Bharat Agravat for his grand efforts against prevent oral cancer was a huge success. Multiple print and television media like Ahmedabad Times and Economic Times Mediawire Story published it in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Rajkot edition . With the OSMF Mouth Opening Kit sales on the rise, we are currently offering a huge discount on the product. Buy a 2 months package and instead of ₹7999, you pay only ₹4800! This offer is only till current stocks last, but it will be greatly beneficial for you to get the 2 month package together. Smile I Hour and Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd team hopes to hear from you soon and we’re committed to freeing you from Oral submucous Fibrosis and prevent oral cancer”, said Dr. Bharat Agravat.

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About Dr Bharat

Dr Bharat Agravat Founder & Innovator OSMF Mouth Opening Kit 25 years experienced, 18th Award winner Cosmetic, Implantologist and CMD of Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Leading Famous 25 years experienced Ayurveda Herbalist Dr Harsha Agravat is the Co-Founder of Smile in Hour Dentech Startup recognise by Start Up India.

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