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Dovid P Fehler on the Importance of Continuous Learning and Sharing on Knowledge

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We often think of successful business figures as winners due to their achievements. It is rarely the case that the tables are turned, and customers are viewed as winners due to being educated about their purchases. Renowned London-based jeweler Dovid P Fehler has made a name for himself by being authentic and transparent with his clients since he seeks to educate customers rather than make decisions for them.

By using social media as a wide-ranging business tool, Dovid P Fehler has cultivated a reputation for transparency. He is not afraid to show his face, and his accounts have attracted customers in droves. His personality has its own appeal as it creates a sense of trust among people he has never met. Not only do customers want to buy from such a jeweler, but they have a feeling that he will exceed their expectations even before they meet Fehler.

Part of this appeal is the craftsman’s genuine enjoyment in creating jewelry that is the stuff of people’s dreams. Dovid P Fehler truly enjoys meeting people from all over the globe and being a part of each unique story. These characteristics directly impact his work as he weaves these stories into the pieces he creates for each client. At the same time, he recommends products based on a person’s needs and wants, not what they read online or what other people are telling them to do.

Dovid P Fehler is more than a diamond purveyor; he is a diamond educator. He tells customers that while subtle and often unnoticeable flaws can alter the look of a diamond very slightly, they can alter its price quite significantly. A beautiful diamond could have very subtle marks that are well hidden, making the diamond seem much higher quality than it really is. In fact, Fehler claims that a whopping 90% of the people who seek out his advice are amazed at the beautiful options he shows them, which are an excellent bang for the buck.

It is constant learning and experience that Dovid attributes his success to. Despite being in the industry for ten years, he still admits to learning something new every day. Moreover, he also longs for his customers to learn that with a bit of education, they can save a lot of money. And above all, Dovid P Fehler wants to stay true to his customers so that he can stay true to himself. Indeed, he is even more transparent than the flawless diamonds people only think they need.


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