Divyam Agarwal Founded The Real Preneur

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Divyam Agarwal, the Youngest Entrepreneur, has made his way to the top and there’s no backing down now. His page ‘The Real Preneur’ has gathered a lot of attention after he founded this, owing to the reliable news articles published on the website regularly. Unlike other American news websites, this one provides with a wide genre of news articles to choose from, featuring only the demanded topics. It is not the quantity but the quality of work delivered in his website that has made him gain the fame. With so many competitors around, Divyam was determined to face them off instead of shunning away. True Entrepreneurs do not back down, if the competitors are asking for it, he will be giving his all to make sure he emerges as the ultimate.

In this world full of pretentious Entrepreneurs and Young Digital Marketers, there are only a few who have managed to emerge as the Ultimate Professional Entrepreneur with the help of their digital marketing skills and strategies. Survival of the fittest! Divyam Agarwal is not only the Youngest Digital Marketer but also the youngest Millionaire. How did he manage to reach this place? It is no secret, it is a matter of practise and determination.

“If you want to achieve something come up you have to create the opportunities. Nobody is going to come and give you the chance to gain fame and own profits. You have to build your own career, start from scratch and work till you make it. No more excuses- if you want it, go get it” comments Divyam Agarwal when asked about his secret to success. He derives great joy out of just working as a digital marketer, never worrying about the amount of profits he is generating, since he knows he will be financially well off no matter what the circumstances demand.

Divyam Agarwal is not only the founder of The Real Prenuer but also the CEO of three different companies including SWAGGER DEEVS, with the focus on consumer satisfaction with the guarantee of top quality work. At his age, most teenagers can only imagine about generating a 6 figure revenue, here he is, living the dream life. An investor and also a Mentor, Divyam Agarwal is known to have tackled every challenge with great enthusiasm. Digital marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea but he seems to be sipping on it just fine, enjoying every bit of it. Moreover, if you do not enjoy marketing, then you might as well choose a different career because digital marketing is application basis and very practical in nature, only minds like Divyam are capable of completely comprehending it. Challenges are a driving force of motivation after all! Follow his verified Instagram account to stay inspired.

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