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Bhama Emporio is the epitome of fashion as it is well known for its quirky collection and uncompromised quality. It is a global brand, always on par with international standards despite being a hyper-local venture. It tends to scale up in size but at the same time is humble to its roots and culture. It promises uniqueness and uncompromised quality with a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience. It cuts down on shopping burdens by bringing everything under one roof. Currently, it is a third-generation family business and runs progressively on principles and values passed down through generations. Hand in hand with its values, Bhama Emporio strives to bring in change, like promoting sustainability with practices that do not result in grave consequences. In this time and era, the brand aims to build itself as more feasible yet sustainable with its collection and eco-friendly courtesies such as giving plants to its customers.


Bhama Emporio, Vijayawadas first novelty shopping store, is the one-stop shop solution for wedding needs. 

Bhama Emporio is a brand where all customers can be catered to under one roof. It offers a simple solution to people’s colossal list of necessities. The brand is Vijayawada’s first novelty store and was started by Rama Rao in the 1940s. Since then, the store has been passed on through generations, through which it has seasoned and is still evolving to be its best version of itself. In 2001, Chandra Sekhar Vankadaru, son of late Rama Rao, started the brand Bhama in two towns of Vijayawada and the brand quickly got immense popularity. He had only one vision which was to create a one-stop-shop wedding needs destination.


Chandra Sekhar Vankadaru wanted his customers to be served with his personal touch and offered them a wide choice in customisations. That not only made wedding shopping simple and easy but brought customers’ needs under one roof. The initiative snowballed, which led to the brand expansion in 2012 with renovations and added floors to its then present premises. Bhama Emporio did not want to stop there. It proceeded to build a flagship store.

 Bhama Emporio is the epitome of fashion as it is well known for its quirky collection and uncompromised quality.

It is situated on MG Road Vijayawada, which hails at a 10,000 sft store. The motive was to make it a shopping paradise for women and especially brides to be. With a divergent shopping experience, Bhama Emporio prides itself in not only the collection but uplifting the shopping experience. That is made possible with the layout of each floor catering to every section with a specific dedicated category. It offers a pleasant shopping experience for someone who does not want to be overwhelmed.

Catering to customers needs

Bhama Emporio desires to be a brand that is loved and also respected. It offers various fashion accessories, jewellery, beauty and wellness products. Primarily, the wedding boutique-a-one-stop-shop for wedding needs was the first of its kind where customers walk in with a colossal list of wedding needs, and the brand caters to all their desires.

It has always been the first mover while continuing to keep progressing and bringing innovation – be it with its bespoke jewellery or a shopping experience that one will not get enough off. While having its collection, it is somewhat gratifying to bring in seasonal items whenever in need. Customers not only come to Bhama Emporoio for just wedding shopping but for festivals, occasions and events too.


With every generation that the brand is passed on to, there comes a sense of personal touch emulating the times, culture and current trends. While achieving that with its journey in being sustainable, the brand also believes it is time to take Bhama Emporio into a new venture. It is now working with the same passion for catering to customers virtually via its online store. In this new journey in the online era, the brand hopes to cater to customers who are not close in proximity. Furthermore, it aims to deliver in magnitude like no other. For the time being, the brand takes appointments over video calls to help distant customers feel at home and instil faith. In a nutshell, the brand’s long term vision is to aim to strengthen its market share in the highly unorganised market and expand across India and Abroad. With a large assemblage, it is ready to embark and tackle anything which comes it’s way. A journey that started decades ago has come a long way and longs to keep pushing for more.

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