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Dietitian Bhavya Dhir brushes away the top 5 myths about weight loss.

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It’s a good rule of thumb to be skeptical of rapid weight loss treatments. The most common misunderstanding is that doing something in the short term will result in long-term benefits. While everyone wants a magic bullet, fads and gimmicks might cause more damage than good when it comes to losing and keeping weight off.

Everyone has attempted at least one quick cure to lose weight for good — fasting or removing particular foods and nutrients from their diets — only to gain the weight back and frequently gain even more. Unfortunately, even the healthiest connection between a person and the treadmill may be sabotaged by beliefs about how to lose weight.

Dietitian Bhavya Dhir reveals the top five weight-loss misconceptions she encounters on a regular basis. She declares “On the internet, there is so much information that it is easy for individuals to fall prey to misconceptions. When it comes to weight reduction, this is especially true. There’s already so much talk on this topic that it’s difficult to tell what’s true and what’s not. Misconceptions affect a big portion of society.”

She has acquired her master’s degree in food and nutrition (MS), is a certified diabetes educator (CDE), a sports nutritionist (CSN), and has a FODMAP specialism from MONASH University in Australia, as well as a PCOD specialization. Bhavya served as the nutrition consultant for the Miss and Mrs. Desi Urban Punjab finalists from 2018 to 2020.

Ms. Dhir has also worked at a variety of facilities, including DMC, CMC, and Shri Krishna Charitable Hospital. She has influenced the diet patterns of well-known lawyers and celebrities.

Today, Bhavya helps us understand the top five myths, which are as follows.

1. Starving – Fasting is never a good way to lose weight since not eating is never a good option. To drop fat, you must cut the intake of calories while increasing the number of calories you burn via activity.

2. Snacking – Snacking in between meals may help you eat less and resist the impulse to binge or overeat later. In fact, instead of consuming all of your calories in one sitting, nutritionists frequently advise having five smaller meals throughout the day.

3. Removing Gluten intake – If you don’t have celiac disease or are gluten-intolerant, gluten-free meals aren’t necessarily healthier. A gluten-free diet is not a weight-reduction diet, and it is not designed to aid weight loss.

4. Say no to fats – The macronutrient fat is very significant. These are necessary for brain, heart, and digestive health, as well as making you silky and pliable. The truth is that your body requires good fats, and not all fats cause you to put on weight.

5. Cut on sugar – Sugar has about 4 calories per gram in all forms, thus the amount of sugar in a food is what is important. People do not have to eliminate sugar from their diet completely; instead, they must remember that moderation is key, and it would be ideal if they could avoid goods that have added sugar.

Bhavya is one of those who are dedicated to removing the ambiguity surrounding healthy eating. She believes that diets, like clothing, should be tailored to the person since everyone is different and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

She works with a wide range of organizations and individuals all over the world, responding to their unique requirements, aspirations, and health issues and assisting them in living healthy, worry-free life. There’s always something for everyone when she’s around.

Follow her on Instagram @dietitianbhavya


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