Demand Grows for Boutique and Exotic Cannabis Strains from Backpack Boyz

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With cannabis legal for recreational use in California, a massive industry has cropped up to support the growing demand. There are a plethora of strains available for consumers to enjoy today. For the more seasoned cannabis connoisseurs out there, boutique and exotic strains are in high demand. One company that is fulfilling the demand for this premium cannabis is Backpack Boyz.

For over two years now since recreational cannabis was legalized in California, high-quality cannabis has been in high demand. No longer are consumers satisfied with garden-variety and run-of-the-mill flower. This has led to brands and growers like Backpack Boyz stepping up their game when it comes to providing the best possible bud.

Backpack Boyz has a number of exotic and premium strains that boast plenty of different flavors and levels of potency. They cultivate the best strains they can find in California and grow their own exclusive strains as well. Some of the most sought-after strains from Backpack Boyz are currently Italian Ice, Lucky, and Bumpy. Time after time, these strains have delivered exceptional quality and a highly enjoyable smoke.

One of the strains that has people talking is Tomyz. This incredibly dense strain is not for entry-level cannabis enthusiasts. The powerful and potent head high they provide comes with a side order of sharp terpenes. Thanks to the in-house genetics the team behind Backpack Boyz has cultivated, it now enjoys the height of popularity. It has developed a brand that is now sought-after throughout California and beyond.

Separating itself from the majority of growers and brands out there, Backpack Boyz does not merely grow clones of popular strains that can be found in any dispensary. That is how they have gained an edge over their competition and have seen demand go through the roof in a short span of time.

Cannabis industry veterans are behind Backpack Boyz, which is a major reason why it has been as successful as it is with growing top-shelf strains. The seasoned minds running the show have also transformed Backpack Boyz into a cannabis lifestyle company. Not only do they sell premium cannabis but they also have cannabis-inspired clothing for sale. Another way it separates itself from the competition is its colorful and artistic packaging. When you see a Backpack Boyz cannabis pack from far away, you can immediately recognize it’s from this trendy brand.

Always thinking about their growing fan base, Backpack Boyz is constantly coming out with novel products that they know people will love. They love cannabis and are passionate about delivering the best to the cannabis community. Sharing surreal and vibrant artwork promoting the work of local Bay Area artists is also something they have come to be recognized for.

If you want to get your hands on some official branded Backpack Boyz apparel, or the mindblowing and desirable cannabis strains Backpack Boyz has to offer, you can head over to their website. You can also follow them on Instagram @backpackboyz_b.legit.


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