Deep Gautam Shares His Entrepreneurial Journey In A Candid Conversation.

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Deep Gautam is an Indian Entrepreneur, Musician and the founder of VoixTube who has tasted success in his mid-20s. Deep, a young personality born on 17th June 1994, is the epitome of perseverance. He not only believes in hard work but it also resonates through his actions. As the saying goes, it’s the journey that makes the destination beautiful. We got you Deep Gautam to share his tumultuous journey with you.Deep has been focusing on creating multi-income flows right since his college days. Be it content writing, advertising or website development he has never left a stone unturned.While recalling his college days, he very fondly mentioned a quote of Warren Buffet which reads, one rupee earned each through hundred sources is far better than a hundred rupee earned through a single source. Explaining further Deep says, Warren Buffett’s words made him realise that a single income stream can’t be steady and everlasting. If any unforeseen situation occurs, you may perish.Warrant Buffet’s wise words stirred him inside out. Deep is grateful to warren buffet for enabling him to expand his vision and not settling down with a 9 to 5 job, which many people do out of mob mentality.After that life-changing incident, Deep says, he was completely into building his own business and creating multi-stream income. He used to spend numerous hours researching the market and consumer needs.All through his hustling period, he has grasped a good knowledge of business functioning and developed a sense of market volatility.Of course, where he stands today did not happen overnight. He failed, he was criticized, trolled and underestimated.Upon asking him what was the thing that kept him striding towards his goals? Deep says non-melting patience, dedication, and hard work is the only formula that kept him steeled up through his struggling period and downfall. Deep began his career with a house maintenance startup that would aggregate service providers such as electricians, plumbers, paste controllers, Gardner and many more. The help seeker would have to make a phone call to the official representative to register his needs. And the help seeker would be provided with the needed help within minutes. When the startup was in a nascent stage, Deep would go door-to-door for introducing his venture and pitching customers to enrol themselves in the services.He received a mixed response from the customers. But he got the startup functioning. At the same time, he identified that the wave of digitisation would bring the growth in business in multi food. He wanted to have his startup laced up with the technological edge. But he could not connect with the potential developers who could transform his firm into a digital startup.On the other hand, Deep was facing regional constraints that were delimiting him from expansion. Along with that, Deep admits that the business model he chose was wrong. As per their business model, the customers/help seekers would have to pay an annual fee of Rs 500 to book a service provider. Deep had to shut down his startup due to the poor interest of his customers and Technical constraints a year later of its inception.Failure made a crack to his confidence but the fire within him to do something out of the box never let him rest. A year later, Deep came up with an idea to offer young and talented musicians a medium to share their music.

Deep Gautam

When asked about how the idea of launching such a platform struck his mind? He said that most of his friends were from musical backgrounds. Deep and his friends would gather and sing movie songs as well as their originals.His friends were so talented and blessed with mesmerizing voices that Deep wanted them to be heard not only by the friends but the world also. In an honest attempt to do something for his friends, Deep started building a network of musicians who could connect, collaborate and appreciate each other. Deep gathered thousands of musicians on social media and founded a platform for them called VoixTube where the musicians were able not just to listen to the budding musicians but to upload their music on the platform.VoixTube is a bootstrapped startup founded by Deep Gautam and is in an early stage. So, Deep focuses more on reaching the targeted audience organically. He wants the maximum resources to be spent on the improvement of the platform. Even so, VoixTube is receiving hundreds of new users on the platform daily.Deep says entrepreneurship is not all about making money and fame. The basic sentiment behind your startup or the services you offer should be offering a solution to the problem better and efficiently than anyone else could. If you follow this principle, money and fame will automatically follow you.As an entrepreneur, Deep is always on his toes to adapt to new trends and technology. All through these years, he has been glued to the multi-stream income concept and doesn’t miss any opportunity that would add up to his income streams.Deep is an ambitious personality hailing from a small town but with big dreams. He believes failure and success is a part of life. You may fail but you are never at loss. Failures teach you several things that should be taken care of the next time you try.He urges the young population of India to look up to entrepreneurship as a career option. India is one of the biggest countries, which ultimately makes it one of the biggest markets. Indian youth has the potential and creativity to serve India and contribute to her growth.

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