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David Kauzlaric: Why Having an Open Mind and Being Flexible are Crucial for Success

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The business world is constantly evolving. There’s always been change, but never before has it happened at such a fiery pace. Staying at the leading edge requires flexibility and an open mind. David Kauzlaric, cofounder of Agency Elevation and SEO expert, has been riding the tip of the arrow in his industry for over fifteen years. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on the business landscape and how to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

Do you believe the rapid changes that characterize the business world today are real, or is that just a common perception for every generation?

Rapid change is definitely real. Look, as little as 25 years ago, my industry didn’t even exist. Television, radio and physical print were the primary forms of marketing. Now that’s been completely turned upside down. I think new technologies and our global interconnectedness drive the speed of change. The challenge is that old approaches that may have worked in the past quickly become irrelevant,

How difficult is it to stay current with new shifts and trends?

Rapid shifts and trends are the name of the game in digital marketing, so I suppose I’ve just become used to it. Platforms rise and fall. Rules are modified. Algorithms change. Remaining open and flexible creates the skill set to keep pivoting in the right direction.

Is there a particular mindset that developed your ability to embrace constant change and uncertainty?

I’m a very active Brazilian jiu jitsu competitor. For me, the mental side of jiu jitsu is a great

preparation for flux. Because I’m expecting change and uncertainty, it doesn’t surprise me. The mats teach that every adversity presents a problem to be solved. There’s always a solution, and if not a direct one, at least an optimal way to handle the situation. Whatever changes the future brings, I’m confident that I won’t lose my equilibrium.

What advice about adapting to change would you give other businesses?

I’d like to make the distinction between rapid change and continuity of values. Change has to do with evolving technologies and trends. Businesses absolutely have to employ the latest methods, techniques and ideas to meet customer needs. This is an ongoing process for us at Agency Elevation.

But on a larger level, we are incredibly stable. Our vision and values have remained the same. So while there’s been a lot of change in the details, our essential core is constant. Knowing what should change and what should hold steady is, I believe, what gives us a sustainable advantage.

David Kauzlaric, in addition to co-founding Agency Elevation, is a Brazilian jiu jitsu competitor, mixed martial arts coach and history buff. He lives in Wisconsin with his beautiful wife and two daughters.

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