Customer Satisfaction Is the #1 Priority for Luxury Watch Company Time Trader

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Arron Honzik is a young, thriving entrepreneur and the prestigious founder of Time Traders, which is into buying, selling, and conditioning the world’s best watches. The central notion of his business is to eliminate the groundwork for his clients. He accomplished it by sourcing the most wanted in-demand watches for them. Time Traders connects traders from across the world to deliver a unique buying experience to their customers. Arron’s primary focus has always been customer satisfaction, he ensures that every client has a 360° know how about the watch he is purchasing. Time Traders group is also profoundly involved in helping society; they fund a professional gym and sponsor a youth football team.

Life has proven to be extremely tough for Arron; he lost his legs in a road accident in 2016. His physicians doubted that he would ever be competent to work or walk again. Believe it or not, this man fought the verdict of nature; by keeping positive, repeating day in and day out, “I will work again, and I will walk again.” After he got discharged from the hospital, he was all set to challenge the UK luxury watch market. He built his reputation brick by brick by gaining a foothold in sourcing the most sought after watches for his clients and being one step ahead of his rivals by fulfilling his customers’ demands. Arron Honzik has some breakthrough plans for the future; his firm will lit the market by bringing new jobs and an evergreen range of supreme watches. Time Traders is operated from a boutique in Teesside’s only grade one listed building Acklam Hall. Perhaps Time Traders is incomparable with its competition when it comes to finding the most refined quality watches. It is on its way to create history in the future of luxury watches.


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