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Mo Kumarsi: The Advisor & Thought-Leader Web3 Innovators Should Connect With

Web3 has introduced a host of new features that benefit blockchain and crypto projects in multiple ways. However, security has been a growing challenge for investors and innovators in this space and continues to impact the popularity of Web3. People hesitate to venture into crypto for fear of being scammed. This is where Mo Kumarsi is helping innovators scale up in the crypto space by expanding sales through proven growth strategies. To address the longstanding cyber security problem, he co-founded a disruptive technology company named REV3AL, which is pioneering digital anti-counterfeiting, copyright protection, and cyber security in the crypto and blockchain space.

Mo has been an advisor in the blockchain and crypto space to several disruptive technological innovators such as Power Ledger and CoinPayments. Over the last 10 years, he has managed and led teams globally, and this experience has turned him into a thought leader and educator. Apart from being an incredible leader and advisor, Mo also has 15 years of experience running startups and developing businesses. He leverages his knowledge and experience in several areas of business to provide invaluable insight to companies or projects through strategic relationships and building and inspiring communities.

Mo is a self-made entrepreneur, leader, and educator who has overcome a series of challenges while starting and scaling his own businesses from scratch. Mo was only 11 when he emigrated from Iran. Struggling in extreme poverty, Mo began working as a dishwasher, and then he washed and sold cars. Soon, Mo ventured into entrepreneurship, starting a janitorial business. He never ran after profit but focused on delivering excellence by building incredible teams. This janitorial business eventually became an award-winning home cleaning and carpet cleaning company.

Mo is known for his extensive network within the crypto industry that he has developed over the years. This makes him an authority in the space with unparalleled knowledge of both the front and back ends of the digital financial market. He knows everything from the exchanges to market makers, growth hackers, marketing strategies, team building, and developing ecosystems. Mo has helped numerous people find financial stability with sales and crypto investments. As an advisor to crypto innovators and projects, Mo has shared with others some of the proven marketing techniques and management strategies he follows even today.

Mo is an early investor in crypto and blockchain and believes in this market’s potential, even when the world thinks otherwise. Often nicknamed “The Blockchain Evangelist,” Mo has proven his ability to adapt to new ideas and thoughts while working with different people on different projects. He has spoken on stages across the world, educating people about crypto and its financial prospects. Besides this, Mo has also created some amazing leaders in this space who are carrying forward his legacy of helping people transform their financial position through crypto.

As one of the pioneers in crypto, Mo is aware of the security issues in this space. To overcome that, he co-founded REV3AL and is now leading the technology company as its CEO. REV3AL is a digital anti-counterfeiting, copyright protection and cybersecurity solution for web3 artists, creators and collectors.. With almost 100 partners and integrating with NFT marketplaces, metaverses, artists and creators already on board, REV3AL is well on its way to becoming a major player in the industry. The team has acquired an esports team and is set to launch a custom avatar creation portal – all within the next few months.

Mo will continue to enhance REV3AL as an industry-leading brand for digital asset protection while educating the masses on upcoming opportunities in crypto. He also wants to build incredible teams around the world, helping companies optimize and grow with a passionate workforce.

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