India Blockchain Week Award Night: A Night of Celebrating Blockchain Excellence

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In an outstanding finale to the India Blockchain Week (IBW) 2023, the Award Night hosted by Cillionaire and powered by Bybit stood out as a remarkable celebration of blockchain technology, achieving an unprecedented level of success and recognition worldwide. The event, which took place at the Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield, witnessed a staggering number of 3000 registrations for the exclusive 200 available spots, showcasing the immense interest and excitement for blockchain technology across the globe. Participants from countries like Poland, the Philippines, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Thailand, and more, attended, making it a globally recognized and the most celebrated event of the IBW 2023.

Event Details

This year’s India Blockchain Week was more than just a series of events; it was a comprehensive and intensive exploration into the world of blockchain and web3 technologies. Throughout the week, IBW hosted a variety of events including keynotes, workshops, and meetups focused on the latest trends, technologies, and discussions in the blockchain space. It served as a platform for enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses to converge, share ideas, and foster new connections, thereby propelling the blockchain movement forward.

Award Ceremony Highlights

At the Award Night, the spotlight shone on the pioneers and innovators in the blockchain arena through the IBW Awards. These awards celebrated a range of achievements in different sectors:

Best Centralized Exchange (CEX) of the Year: Bybit, for its excellent trading platform.

Best Layer 2 (L2) Project: Polygon, for making blockchain transactions faster and cheaper.

Best Metaverse Project: The Bharat Box by The Sandbox, for creating a virtual world showcasing India.

Best Play-to-Earn Project: Nakamoto Games, for its fun and profitable games.

Best Real-World Gamification Project: Bonuz, for integrating games into real life in new ways.

Best Web3 Influencer: Sumit Kapoor, for leading and growing the crypto community.

Best Crypto Trader: Adrian Zduńczyk, for his expertise in trading cryptocurrencies.

Best SocialFi Project: XCAD Network, for creating a new way for YouTube fans and creators to interact.

Best Angel Investor: Evan Luthra, for investing in and supporting new digital projects.

Best Emerging Play-to-Earn Project: Sidus Heroes, for its rapid growth and potential in online gaming.

Best RWA Project: EstateX, for linking real-world assets and blockchain.

Best Launchpad: ChainGPT, for helping start new blockchain projects.

Best Web3 Art Project: ARTFI, for changing how we value and own art through technology.

Best DeFi Wallet: Snowball Money, for making decentralized finance easier for everyone.

Best Emerging L2 Blockchain: Rollux on Syscoin, for improving blockchain performance.

Best Upcoming Metaverse Project: Pixoverse, for its forward-thinking approach to virtual worlds.

Best Web3 VC of the Year: Cypher Capital, for its significant investments in virtual reality.

Best Web3 Incubator: Morningstar Ventures, for supporting and growing new startups.


As the curtain fell on the India Blockchain Week 2023 Award Night, it marked a pivotal chapter in the global blockchain narrative. Far from being just an event, it was a historic juncture underscoring the significance of blockchain in steering our collective future. The monumental success of the night sets an exhilarating precedent, and the world now eagerly awaits the next wave of innovation, collaboration, and celebration in the blockchain domain.

This event unequivocally showcased the blockchain community’s passion and commitment to shaping a world where technology drives sustainable and inclusive progress. As the anticipation for future breakthroughs builds, the IBW 2023 Award Night will be remembered as the night when the blockchain community shined the brightest.


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