Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Just Got Its First Online Reality Show

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Reality shows have been popular since the 90s, with the introduction of MTV’s The Real World. It was then followed up by Big Brother, which had led to dozens of spinoffs in other countries and regions. The success of these shows demonstrated that there was a hunger by audiences around the world to see what it was like to live with complete strangers under a single roof. Russian Instagram mega influencer Bezlikiy saw this fascination with these types of shows and believed he could apply it to the world of eSports.

Competitive eSports is an industry within the gaming world that involves professional gamers playing in gaming tournaments for a chance to win prizes and fame. Online gaming has exploded in popularity, and received a major boost in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the restrictions related to it, leading to millions around the world being stuck indoors with plenty of time on their hands. He saw games like Counter-Strike: Global Offense, enjoying massive popularity in places like the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and decided to create something that has never been done before. He created an online reality show livestreaming 24/7 on Twitch focused on a group of CS:GO pro eSports gamers who lived in the same house.

Bezlikiy made sure that the home of the reality show would be decked out with the latest hi-tech gear needed to pull off a show like this. The participants of the reality show would be the ground team, based on the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This game currently enjoys being in the top 10 in the CIS on the professional gaming level, as well as the top 170 worldwide.

The innovative show will be broadcasted on Twitch 24/7 to people who are fans of CS:GO, as well as those in the gaming community who want to see history in the making. People will get to plunge into an atmosphere of eSports tournaments and professional gaming like they never have before. They will get to see what it takes to become a career gamer who lives and breathes the particular game they train in and play. Not only will they see them in action while playing CS:GO, but they will get to observe their lives and see what sort of lifestyle they lead that enables them to be part of the elite level of professional gamers.

Given the success of non-gaming reality shows with the same premise in the past, and the fact that this show will be revolutionary in its focus, Bezlikiy anticipates many other spin-offs coming in the future that are based on other online games that are played professionally. Given the times, people are yearning for something new and entertaining, and his new gaming-themed reality show delivers exactly that. More updates are coming soon for this show, so stay tuned to find more.

You can follow Bezlikiy on Instagram @bezlikiy. You can also visit his website.


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