Coronavirus Vs. Chefs: Entrepreneur Mo Abedin on the COVID-19 Impact on the Food Industry

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Multi-tasking is not everyone’s forte, while some manage to accomplish great wonders. Mo Abedin happens to be one of those few hardworking and dedicated entrepreneurs who have a diverse set of talents that he has monetized on. His YouTube Channel SAUCEBEAST covers the food experiences that he and his wife Nida embark on. Both are avid foodies and support food cuisines from all over the world. Having a Thai background, he wanted to create an authentic Thai experience for his community in Dubai and everyone else. His Thai Restaurant’ Sticky Rice’ was his tribute to his super chef mother, who served the Thai Community in Dubai with authentic and traditional preparations. Mo Abedin also harbors a close fascination for making comics and has his own channel called TwoFour54.

Food has influenced Mo Abedin a lot since his childhood. And staying in a different country has only brought him closer to his culture and cuisine. People love the food at his restaurant for the fresh ingredients and humble service. Things were flourishing well when the COVID-19 outbreak caused a massive setback globally. Every business sector was affected and losing sales. Mo Abedin shares with us how CoVID impacted the food industry. The suddenness of the pandemic created colossal confusion. Nobody seemed to understand its nature, let alone the implications. When the guidelines from WHO asked people to strictly stay at home, the Food Industry started collapsing.

Consumers were scared and didn’t venture out. That meant they no longer dined out or celebrated, which massively affected the restaurant chains’ sales. There was no staff available to work; production houses came to a halt. Everything was at a standstill, and amidst the ongoing conditions, Abedin shares, it was difficult to trust the raw material sources. Since the virus seemingly spread due to a bat, animal products were boycotted all over the world. Some products were banned, some were recalled, and some stored food supply had to be later thrown away.

The first few months were just a disaster for entrepreneurs and investors. As lockdown relaxed, the focus shifted to online orders. E-Commerce deliveries became the new rage, and businesses coped up to meet the requirement needs. Despite this ray of hope, the losses incurred will take some time to recover.

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