ConvrtX technology and business experts boast extensive experience and the need for cutting-edge disruption and direct experience as founders, ConvrtX has a successful track record in developing the critical data insights that drive a business to new heights. The company has created a venture ecosystem that considers the needs of the entire industry and uses a tried and true formulaic approach.

As founder and CEO of ConvrtX, Josh Adler has built the company from a skeletal crew to nearly 150 team members worldwide. ConvrtX specializes in creating SaaS-based startups that begin with a big idea and scale an entire business. It is also the largest venture ecosystem in the GCC and among the fastest-growing in the world.

The ConvrtX system encompasses a global team of visionaries and thought-leaders with experience in the start-up business and venture-capital worlds. Our team ignites innovation among forward-thinking organizations by engaging our global network of disruptors, investors, and business leaders that delivers high-impact results.

Using his years of hands-on experience creating SaaS-based startups, he developed a proprietary process to increase the chances of business success that includes strategy and advisory, raising capital, product development, and launch strategy.

First, the team starts the development process by researching everything from product development costs and competitors to creating a pitch deck for gathering seed money funding. When the business plan and pitch deck are prepared, ConvertX connects founders with venture capitalists that align with their product.

Once our founders have the funding, our developers collaborate to design and build an app according to the correct specifications. Then our developers take the founders through the entire development process, from initial UI/UX screens design and proof of concept to developing a viable product. We devise a strategy to ensure our founders have the support needed for a successful launch.

A big part of the process at ConvrtX is to validate a founder’s idea. Here is where the blueprint comes into play and provides direction. During the validation phase, they constantly test and improve the app’s functionality, messaging, and design appeal. After finishing the business strategy, the team assists founders with legal and other business needs.

“When building an app, the difference between a company that succeeds and one that fails has an effective business strategy. We call it blueprinting, which means having a business strategy, plan, and pitch deck. We help founders ask the tough “What If” questions. Our team goes through the building and launching processes in great detail, looking for possible challenges or situations that could affect their business positively or negatively.

That brings them up to speed and helps them understand what they can expect from our company, advising them and giving them the assistance they need to get going. It’s complicated and expensive to develop an app, but much easier with a solid foundation, idea, and strategy. ConvrtX ensures our founders have access to the resources they need. Our experts help them scale, build and bring the app to market,” said Adler.

“To ensure success in building and launching an app, user experience is everything. This is where many companies fail. Frequently, founders will come to us and say they want to get an app off the ground, but they have little understanding of the long hours it takes to get developers and a team involved. This is where our experts can add value. We can build a strong user experience that makes sense, is understandable, slim, unique, sleek, and easy to navigate. Those are the ingredients that make a successful app,” he added.

The ConvrtX venture ecosystem recently developed its newest CSR platform, Open Advisor, with a network of thousands of startup advisors worldwide, including venture capitalists and legal and business experts, ready to be placed with the most suitable SaaS startups from multiple industries.

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