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Communication Leads to Trust- Erik Petrosyan

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Most people think trust is based on one’s ability to predict one’s behavior in a given situation. To put it simply, one person trusts another to finish any task with faith that it will be done well. While trust is essential, it does not create a strong, cohesive team. Vulnerability mixed with believing in others does.

Team cohesion begins when everyone understands that their flaws or mistakes will not be hidden. They will no longer disguise themselves as someone else and they will speak more freely and openly. Trust will develop if everyone is willing enough to speak up. This process will form a bond that many people will never experience.

The degree of interpersonal connection among group members is referred to as team cohesion. This interpersonal bond encourages members to participate and work toward common goals. According to the Queens University of Charlotte, 75% of employees rate teamwork as very important. According to the data collected by McKinsey, 97% of employees and executives believe that a lack of team alignment impacts the outcome of a project.

The data shows that cohesiveness, effective communication, and mutual understanding of obligations create a winning team. One such group is led by young Erik Petrosyan and his business partner, Paul Babajany. Petrosyan is a successful entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas. His freight and third-party logistics business requires constant communication between logistics, his own employees, and end users.

With experience from his work in two other companies, he was able to build a multi-million-dollar freight brokerage in three years. One of his exceptional achievements is that all of his employees make six figures within the first month of working with Erik Petrosyan. His company is structured so that everyone is their own boss. His success is only beginning, with his company planning an expansion to Austin and Laredo in Texas in the near future.

This wouldn’t be possible without good team cohesion. Petrosyan is working toward transferring the culture from his current offices to all others to set a standard. His company’s Transportation Management System allows all new employees and partners to complete their jobs stress-free.

Erik Petrosyan believes that the group members and leaders must communicate effectively. Effective communication processes aid in clarifying group objectives, tasks, and outcomes. Justifying one’s feelings in response to another’s actions is critical for establishing norms and common ground. Additionally, effective feedback is essential for performance enhancement.

Besides reasonably priced outstanding services, high quality and a hint of quantity drive his growth strategy. His company is currently employing 15 people, which is not a lot, given the scale of the business. His company operates across the USA, and cooperation is the key to success. His best-kept secret is picking people with the right skills and providing a workplace culture that makes it easy for people to get along and keeping it that way.

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