Common Pests in Sydney

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Do you live in Australia? Have you prepared your home against the following pests? Today is a good day to start.

There are several pests which plague the Australian shores. We have plenty of sun and humidity, with equal parts rain in the right seasons. This kind of temperate weather brings bad luck for many, since it encourages the growth of pests. In fact, Australia has some of the deadliest snakes, spiders, and other critters, in the entire world. 

Detailed below, we have researched some of the most common pests you are likely to call Sydney pest control services for. Unfortunately, we live in a land where pests breed as much as our cattle does. Let’s talk about common pests, their habits, and how we can avoid getting them in our homes.

The Most Common Types of Pests in Sydney, Australia

If you live in Sydney, you already have some experience of the following pests. If you need pest control services to come to your home and take care of the problem, then you already know how terrible these creatures can be.


The worst termites in Australia – which has thousands of species of them – are the Subterranean Termites. These infest soil, live in your garden, and eat things like old pallets and shipping boxes. These are the ones you accidentally disturb on your property only to find that you can’t get rid of them. Although standard termites live in your home and need to be taken care of, these termites are a massive risk to the national parks and brush areas of Australia. If you see one, there is always a hive nearby. Inform the local government or take matters into your own hands with an exterminator.


Australia and spiders go hand in hand in a way that makes the rest of the world squeamish. There are countless species of poisonous spider in Australia, and especially around Sydney itself. Every year, Australia has a plague of flies every year and while those spiders take care of the flies, some of them could even take care of cattle, humans, and anything else that treads on them indoors or outdoors. Look out for the funnel web, the redback, the mouse and the trapdoor spiders. They are the deadliest.


Australia has suffered from a mouse plague year after year recently. The invasion of furry bodied creatures has left farmers and crops destitute. The recent advice is to check any levies since the mice damaged them and the country is now at risk of flooding. The tunnels the mice leave behind run under and through properties, leaving entrances all over the place for bigger pests. Some farmers have reported foxes are using the mouse tunnels, meaning the damage is ever increasing.

The Countless Common Australian Pests

The problem with living in a temperate climate is that it becomes a breeding ground for pests such as these. We have barely scratched the surface here, not mentioning the flies, the rats, and the other creepy crawlies that infect our cities. There are countless common Australian pests, and they all do property damage. Be sure they don’t get a chance to settle in your home.


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