Clum Group’s Teddy Baldassarre Luxury Watch YouTube Channel Reaches 2M+ Watch Lovers Every Month

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When 27-year-old Mike Clum first set out to establish a video production business, he had no idea of how scaled out it would become in such a short amount of time. Going from shooting on a $600 camera to having his own 5,000 square foot facility with its own film studio in just a few short years is a dream come true for him. Today, Mike is the founder of Clum Group, which is the parent company for Clum Creative and Teddy Baldassarre.

Clum Creative is a B2B creative services company that servers over 1000 clients, most of which are marketers, entrepreneurs, and in-house creatives. The main products provided to clients are animation videos that are used in lead generation and increasing engagement on social media platforms. The company has over 25 full-time employees and has achieved a 5-year growth rate that exceeds 1,000%.

While Clum Creative is the main powerhouse of Clum Group, there is another rising star that is one of the fastest-growing in its niche. It is called Teddy Baldassarre and is a luxury e-commerce brand focusing on watches. Acting as the official face of the brand and managing partner of the firm, Teddy has helped the YouTube channel to become an extraordinary success. Today, the channel boasts of having nearly 300K subscribers. 

Not only does the Teddy Baldassarre brand have a successful YouTube channel showcasing luxury watches, but it also is a trusted brand that offers luxury timepieces for sale. Founded upon social platforms and digital assets that engage over two million watch enthusiasts each month, Teddy Baldassarre is coupled with an industry-leading distribution technology and network. This had turned it into one of the fastest-growing online authorized dealers of luxury wristwatches around the world. 

This luxe watch brand that Mike has developed in-house demonstrated that Clum Group can do far more than just make client videos that work at increasing leads and sales. Mike and his team can also develop their own brands that achieve the height of success. 

As successful and impressive as the current states for this brand are, Mike envisions things scaling out even further. He envisions seeing the brand reaching a million subscribers on YouTube and also taking up an increasing amount of the luxury watch market share. With this market bringing in $7 billion annually, there is quite a bit of room for growth. Thanks to a willingness to be persistent, Mike has helped catapult his company to new heights. His innovative approach to video production by hiring more marketers than videographers has also helped it edge out its competitors. You can learn more about Teddy Baldassarre by going to the brand’s website. Head over to the Teddy Baldassarre YouTube channel to see luxury content. You can also learn more about Clum Creative by going to the official website and find out more about Clum Group by going here.


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