Passive income is the holy grail of earning. You work hard once and get paid over and over again for the same amount of work. With more opportunities to make money passively than ever before, why would you want to spend 40 years at a job that pays the same amount no matter how hard you work?

At only 22, Chandler Flaherty created passive income streams using digital assets like cryptocurrency, e-commerce, and rental properties. A few short years after dropping out of college, he escaped the drudgery of uninspiring work and found financial freedom. Today, he lives on his own terms and still makes most of his money without lifting a finger. Now he spends his time teaching others how they can do the same thing with their own platforms and niches.

Chandler says the most important thing to know about making passive income is the different asset classes you could leverage for steady cash flow. In his experience, investing in crypto is the easiest way to create passive income. Typically, people buy and hold as they wait for the assets to appreciate. However, Chandler says there is another way to make money from crypto, and that’s what he recommends: investing in crypto nodes.

A crypto node is a component of cryptocurrency required for most popular currencies, such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin, to function. In addition, it’s an essential component of the blockchain network, a decentralized ledger used to keep track of cryptocurrencies. When you run a crypto node, you get paid in cryptocurrency for helping validate transactions on the blockchain network. As more people buy and sell cryptocurrencies, the need for transactions increases, which means demand for transactions will always exist. This is what gives you an almost guaranteed passive income in your sleep every day.

Chandler equates owning a crypto node to owning digital real estate. He explains that as more people mine and process cryptocurrency transactions, you get a piece of each of them. In his words, “This is similar to Amex getting a 3% fee for your purchases when you swipe the card at the store.” Since transactions on the blockchain never stop, the nodes payout every 24 hours. You can choose to hold the coins to see if they increase in value or cash out immediately for cash flow.

Many people think they need upwards of $50,000 to get started in the passive income game. In reality, Chandler says buying a node is a cheaper alternative than most of the investments you can consider, making it a perfect option for newbie and seasoned experts. Unlike buying tokens for prospective value, nodes have a reasonably constant daily output based on transactions done on the blockchain. For example, Chandler has a node that cost him $1500 and gives him up to $200 each month.

With that said, you must conduct your due diligence before buying into a project. With so many projects debuting every day, the last thing you want to do is invest in a garbage crypto token with no substance. According to Chandler, meme coins are great if you’re looking for a quick buck, but you want projects with substance behind them and well-known creators. Ensure you research the team and people behind them before investing.

As the economy changes, experts predict that cryptocurrency is here to stay. In fact, JP Morgan Chase recently replaced real estate with crypto as their recommended alternative asset. Chandler believes more organizations will follow suit, and the value of crypto assets will continue growing. He hopes to continue leading the charge in this space and teaching crypto enthusiasts more about the burgeoning industry through his platforms. If you would like to know more about passive income with digital assets or crypto nodes, you can follow Chandler on Instagram and send a direct message with any questions you may have.

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