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Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian IBOX BANK Alona Shevtsova: “We need to live while thinking only of victory”

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Alona Shevtsova who is a business lady, the CEO of LeoGaming, the head of the LEO International Payment System, the Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of the Joint Stock Company IBOX Bank, the founder of two LEO BEAUTY CLUB spaces in Kyiv and Warsaw, a philanthropist, and an active participant of the Ukrainian fintech community, joined the Gromche media project created by the Ukrainian edition of She also shared her thoughts on the most painful topic these days: The war in Ukraine.

If I would be aware of the events, which took place on February 24, 2022, I would…

I would never believe it anyway. As a graduate of the Educational and Scientific Institute of International Relations, I have always been a convinced adept of the triumph of diplomacy and common sense. Even today, I still cannot believe in the unbelievable war in the heart of Europe that takes place in the XXI century. I constantly catch myself thinking that I am living someone else’s life.

There are such things as fear, anxiety, and disappointment. How can one deal with them?

The only way to reach success (if this word can be used in this reality) in the fight against fear and doom is to work and dedicate yourself to professional issues, volunteering, and mutual assistance.

My inner state today can be defined as…

It is a deep pain.

The most important thing that all people without exception need to understand is…

All wars end one day! It happens sooner or later, but they end. This war will also be over. We need to live with thoughts of victory. We need to know that only we can use our hands to restore Ukraine.

The war is not over yet, but I have already learned…

Everything. I have developed unique skills in searching, purchasing, and sending weapons and protective equipment for our soldiers at the front.

What should humanity learn from the Ukrainian situation now?

What must be, must be.

The most taboo topic for me today is…

My tears. I am the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Joint Stock Company IBOX Bank, the largest transactional bank in the country. During wartime, I am the one to take decisions to save working places, as well as to pay salaries in full and on time. In order to make them, I do not have time for tears. They have to be made with cold-blooded premeditation.

My business today…

Our bank is part of the critical infrastructure of the country. The safety of people, families, and their children depends on the operation and the timely manner of payments, and the movement of funds. Our departments had to work in the conditions of rocket explosions and shelling of residential buildings. Do I regret that my employees had to work those days? Yes, I consider it my mistake, and I will never repeat it again.

My personal traits that help me in life and business…

Impartiality and tolerance to the stupidity of supervisory authorities.

What has to be done to stop wars in the world once forever?

Unfortunately, I do not know…

Now is the best time to…

Look back at your life journey. Take a moment and look at photos of your children on your iPhone. Find a moment to look at photos of traveling with my family around the world. It allows me to understand the real value and greatness of my life.


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