Business Leader Igor Makarov Shares His Strategies for Solving Team Conflicts in Remote Settings

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As businesses scrambled to adapt to lockdowns and social distancing measures, the shift to a digital workspace broke down traditional office boundaries, redefining “at work” and preserving continuity during uncertain times.

However, the rapid adoption of remote work posed challenges, requiring technological adaptation and a cultural shift in communication, collaboration, and productivity outside the conventional office.

Igor Makarov, a seasoned entrepreneur, recognizes team conflicts as natural but manageable aspects of group dynamics. Poorly managed, these conflicts decrease productivity and morale, hindering business growth.

The Face of Team Conflicts in Remote Setting

Communication breakdowns in remote settings often stem from the lack of non-verbal cues, leading to misunderstandings. Makarov points out, “Misinterpreted messages and time zone differences compound these challenges, delaying clarifications.”

Moreover, the reliance on technology can introduce frustrations from technical difficulties to varying digital proficiencies among team members, affecting team harmony. “Blending work and personal life often lead to conflicts over boundaries and availability,” Makarov adds, highlighting how remote work blurs professional and private spheres.

Task and role ambiguity is exacerbated without physical presence, leading to confusion over responsibilities, especially in globally distributed teams. “Such ambiguity can cause perceptions of unequal effort, leading to accountability conflicts,” Makarov observes. “These challenges necessitate tailored strategies to prevent significant disruptions.”

Unveiling Secrets to Successful Team Management

Enhancing communication is critical, according to Makarov. “Adopting various tools, from video calls for comprehensive discussions to messaging apps for quick updates, is essential. Yet, fostering a culture of regular, open communication is paramount.”

Makarov emphasizes clear role definitions and expectations to prevent confusion alongside virtual team-building activities to combat isolation. “Flexibility, recognizing diverse work styles and commitments, is crucial for balancing work across different time zones,” he shares from his global team management experience.

The Future of Corporate Team Management 

Makarov clears that conflicts are inevitable in business relationships even with these strategies and the team’s constant effort for open communication. The future of corporate team management is not an environment without conflicts but depends on the ability to navigate conflicts with empathy, openness, and a commitment to mutual success. 

For Makarov, rather than viewing these inevitable conflicts as hindrances, organizations must embrace them as opportunities to foster innovation, enhance problem-solving, and drive personal and professional development, especially when managed with empathy and openness.

“Forward-thinking businesses see conflicts as chances to address underlying issues, challenge the status quo, and strengthen relationships through collaborative problem-solving,” Makarov concludes.

About Igor Makarov

Igor Makarov, a businessman from Cyprus and a former professional cyclist, ventured into new business territories after selling ITERA in 2013. In 2015, he founded ARETI International Group, a completely new European-based international company with global investments (without any business relationship with Russia). 

With offices in Cyprus, Switzerland, and Turkmenistan, ARETI invests in various sectors, prominently investments in the oil and gas industry, and actively participates in global cycling development and charitable projects. Makarov is a Cyprus national and tax resident who continues to pursue his love for cycling. 


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