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While starting their own shirt manufacturing unit named KEF in 2010, Sai Mohammed and Samad had bigger dreams in mind to make it into an international brand. Years later, KEF is now a renowned clothing brand with store presence in the UAE, Qatar and USA serving 1 million happy customers worldwide. It is their hard work, passion and persistence that kept the brand on the path to success, adapting to competition while conquering every market.

Former president and missile man of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam once said, “Dream, Dream, Dream; Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action”. The founders of KEF kept the dream alive to present the public with something different from what they had with the most acceptable business strategies and positive initiatives.

The four-people manufacturing unit set up in Bangalore didn’t take much time to realise the market demands and what they are capable of. From there on, precise planning and well-executed business strategies kept the enterprise on the growth track, steadily crossing the mark of 1 million happy customers globally. While the storefront kept the customers happy, the people behind it worked tirelessly to keep up with the competition with increased efficiency, infusing reliability in each product.

The manufacturing facility that can produce up to 50,000 garments per month is equipped with the most modern technology, efficient business practices and a highly-skilled workforce to keep up the product quality. While a global expansion was always in the talks, the increased demand for the products fired the notion to expand over to setting up another factory in Tirupur and opening wholesale units in Dubai, Doha, Cochin, Calicut and Pattambi, which provided more employment opportunities and skyrocketed the sales volumes.

The people behind KEF state that by strategically selecting the price points depending on competition, a strong distribution channel and organic promotion by happy customers kept the brand on top of the market. Each product leaves the KEF facility by keeping the promise of quality to ensure customer loyalty. To diversify the business, apart from the garment merchandise KEF started a trading company in UAE named KEFCO International.

As an attempt toward global sustainability efforts, the facility follows economically-sound processes that minimise negative environmental impacts throughout the production line and upgrade the facility to keep the product quality. The finished garments pass rigorous quality tests by trained professionals and quality assurance managers before going into the packing where it is pressed, stand packed, flat-packed or crinkle packed based on the product. The skilful fashion designers at KEF manage to make every style under the brand a unique fashion statement for every individual, allowing them to wear their identity. The sales team work tirelessly to showcase fresh and vivid themed products and style trends at every festival, year after year, exhibiting quality as the prime selling point. To stabilise sales and affirm the quality, KEF developed a dedicated supply chain designed and executed depending on specific markets. It allows each facility to run smoothly and customer outlets to meet the market demand without hassle.

From curating raw materials to making it into dashing masterpieces, KEF keeps up the authenticity in the necessaries used in each product. 100% cotton is used for all garments besides, stretching fabrics, types of denim, quadra, rayon, satin and other cotton mix materials are also used depending on market needs. Detailing the product range, KEF focuses on menswear comprising casuals, formals, semi casuals, denim, nightwear and undergarments. The accessory line includes wallets, sunglasses, watches, belts, etc, all of the premium quality. Apart from this, KEF follows a line of brands depending on the product range, namely KEF boy, Sevens by KEF, KEFcouture, KEF premium and KEF Huez.

The flagship store is in the heart of Pattambi town in Palakkad, Kerala, a scenic region on the fast track to development. And the second one was in Dubai as an outlet and a showroom exhibiting outfits and accessories to get maximum exposure. The initial market response was surprisingly positive at both stores as it was instantly upgraded to handle more customers and strengthened the stock to meet the market demand in the long run. The whole KEF team sees this success as a reward for their hard work and dedication towards good business practices and exceptional quality. 

KEF also made an online presence in the United States by launching its ecommerce marketplace. The website offers a storelike experience for its customers in the US and the purchases will be handled by the dedicated team assigned to the region itself. What started as a single stitching facility grew into 02 sub-brands, 17 retail stores and 03 manufacturing facilities across the globe employing 200 professionals. KEF is set to grow and conquer new markets worldwide, delivering customer satisfaction.

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