Brian Carruthers: “Success is truly defined by time-freedom and lifestyle-freedom”

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Countless people are attracted to entrepreneurship because they want to be their own boss. Other goals include having more free time and financial independence. Brian Carruthers knew he wasn’t going to use his accounting degree from Villanova University, so he followed his dad’s footsteps and became a real estate agent.

Brian did well in this business and was making a 6-figure income while only in his 20s. His transition to an entrepreneur began when a college friend told Brian about his home-based business, which offered more time, freedom, and money than Brian had. This made quite an impact, and the idea was further ingrained when Brian met a billionaire mentor who reinforced the concept. His advice to Brian was that he was working for the wrong kind of money.

This magnate introduced Brian to three types of income: linear, leveraged, and residual. Explaining that residual income is a constant revenue stream after doing something only once, Brian wanted to know more. At 28, he utilized this advice to start a home-based business that provided each of these income types. Working only part time, Brian’s businesses were explosively successful, netting him his first $1 million at the age of 30.

Brian admits that he worked hard for this and credits the discipline and work ethic from real estate combined with personal development by mentors for his tremendous success. While there were several times he felt like giving up, Brian overcame these hurdles by putting in long hours and focusing on his WHY for starting on this path of building an empire. The sacrifice paid off as these long stretches have been replaced with ample leisure time.

Embracing his inquisitive nature and hunger for learning, Brian has become an author and entrepreneur coach. He has a passion for teaching and now instructs others on not only how to build a business, but how to overcome the inevitable hardships to success. While this can be difficult, Brian emphasizes the rewards of getting through those tough times. As a coach, he shows people how to create residual income, get out of the rat race, and enjoy a life of freedom.

Brian credits mentors with his success, and today, he finds himself in this role. “People helped me win, so now it’s my turn to pay it forward and help others do it too.” Another unique tool he utilizes is showing people the silver lining in the current pandemic. As people are finding themselves in a financial crunch, Brian is teaching them how to launch new entrepreneurial pursuits on the side that can dramatically improve their lives and hopefully shield them from other life dislocations that could arise in the future. Simply put, the pupil is now the teacher.

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