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Bolstering Brand Reputations via Bespoke Strategies & Precise Enrichment Process.

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Back in 2015, a post on social media cost a leading fast food chain dearly. In another instance, a popular jewellery brand’s print ad accidently promoted child slavery. These and many more such instances elucidated the dearth of Online Reputation Management (ORM) even among the well-established companies. Moreover the sheer absence of agencies offering ORM as a stand-alone service triggered Kajal, to start Tangerine ORM (TORM) and to carve its niche and establish itself in the very same year as a full-fledged digital marketing and reputation management agency that offered a gamut of cutting-edge digital communication and marketing solutions. “Equipped with the expertise to adeptly handle the vast digital space via marketing (social media, content & email), Tangerine aid brands, businesses and individuals in optimising brand communications, retaining current business and bolstering potential business to build their brands and also their brand equity,” states Kajal Shah, Founder & CEO, TORM.

While building an online reputation from scratch for new entrants & maintaining the same is an interesting task that demands immense effort, repairing a tarnished reputation takes ample effort & time, wherein TORM garners genuine information about them, and assists them in their offline work for ensuring productive results in about six months.

Moreover by vesting its faith in taking baby steps legitimately towards the growth of the brand and itself, TORM also executes website development, personal branding, SEO and performance marketing projects. While framing solutions, it takes utmost care in customizing them in accordance with the client’s requirements, budget and available resources, and at the same time safeguarding their information eventually to produce potential outcomes. The firm further extends its arm in edifying the clients on the various processes entailed in ORM, the benefits of effective digital marketing, the negative impacts of inappropriate offline activities and the importance of engaging with selected audiences which depicts their transparency in each of their endeavours. Besides remaining updated with the latest trends in the digital world, the team also shares knowledge and experience procured from dealing with brands and people of various industries to outshine through every phase of their business journey. Kick-started its journey in March 2015 with two brands on board and a revenue of Rs.350,000, the firm has grown its revenue to a whopping Rs.30,00,000 in 2022 and currently deals with fourteen active brands. Furthermore, TORM aspires to work with larger brands, create brand ambassadors and savour another 5-fold increase in its revenue within the next two years.

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