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Blockchain Expert & Business Coach, Dr Shajahan Aboobaker help million of youths through his vast knowledge

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Corporate trainer, business coach, Blockchain expert, psychotherapist and globally acclaimed motivational speaker Shajahan Aboobaker started the climb to the top of the corporate ladder as an insurance sales agent and a teacher at summer camps at the age of 16. He was born with a speech disability and was ridiculed for it in his childhood. However, this never dampened the spirit of compassion within Shajahan and he always found happiness in paying it forward and giving back to others.

Being a curious mind by nature Dr Shajahan got interested in the latest blockchain technology. Foreseeing its possibilities and future scope he has been doing his research in this field for the past ten years. His hard work and dedication was recognized by the European digital university by honoring him  with the doctorate and he is also appointed as the global blockchain ambassador. He is also the selected member to be a part of the international blockchain community . Since then he is creating awareness in blockchain and blockchain related subjects like crypto currency, NFT etc. through seminars, training, consultation and personal coaching. Dr Shajahan and his tech team provide technical service in creating crypto currencies, NFT’s etc. they also provide technical consultation to companies and organizations on how to convert the current traditional business structure to use the wide open opportunities of blockchain.

Earning the Master of Business Administration with a specialization in sales and marketing has led Shajahan to many opportunities including senior sales managerial and directorial positions in a span of 15 years. These corporate stints prepared Shajahan to inspire his teams through motivational classes and workshops, which in turn helped youth to achieve their career targets. Then, a Master of Science Degree in Psychology catapulted Shajahan’s training approach from mere motivational talks to reach his audience in unprecedented face-to-face and personalized classes. 

With his signature bright and cheerful demeanor, Shajahan offers a wealth of knowledge and value to his workshops, seminars and training classes, engaging with the audience using current and relevant techniques. His methods, besides motivation, includes cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, and other techniques, which when used properly will provide a blueprint to any goal both in professional and personal life. 

His sales training helps his candidates discover insight into their potential clients, create meaningful connections through effective communication, gain trust and customer loyalty, and thus help them get an upper hand in a competitive environment. 

Dr. Shajahan received the Change Maker Award at the E -Unnathi summit for his service in counselling women and children who have undergone abuse and trauma, and helping them return to their normal lives. Shajahan understands that mental health is essential to the overall health of an individual and how it contributes to one’s sense of purpose in life. 

Dr. Shajahan is an eloquent speaker because of which he is an active participant in international seminars of business conclave, women entrepreneurship etc. He has been invited to world conferences on alternative medicine, United Nations peace global submit etc. He is a well known speaker in universities and colleges. His  speech in josh talk is admired by many and print and visual media has mentioned him multiple times.


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