BusinessTechnology launches world’s first full-stack growth platform

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A lot of marketing companies, agencies, and platforms aim to solve only one aspect of growth for your business. Anyone in founding teams and growth operations (like sales and marketing roles) knows that multiple fragmented tools and/or agencies are required to move the needle. The workload for marketers has increased exponentially and customers are spread across multiple channels. So, too narrow a focus on client acquisition can lead to lost opportunities.

Any revenue realisation can happen only if businesses can get complete tooling to solve multiple problems such as list building, list cleaning, tracking of leads across various stages in a campaign, personalisation, and finally delivery of the communication to a targetted audience through multiple channels.’s superior technology taps cognitive computing to source prospects likely to convert into users or customers and then leverages empathetic communication to build hyper-personalised message sequences which are finally delivered on multiple channels through automation!

Outbound marketing teams can save 1000+ hours at a minimum every year with this technology.

What about inbound marketers?

Many aspects of growth require the help of experts such as building an inbound engine and ranking on search engines. This is where the decentralised community of growth experts provided by helps high-growth startups create a sustainable inbound engine.

A boon to marketers and founders, the platform is built for scale.’s mission is unique in that it takes distribution as the main differentiator between venture success and failure.

The focus is on getting actual ROI for your business and providing a super collaborative environment that fosters innovation, through streamlined processes.

With their Landing Page/StoreFront Builder, you can build a beautiful landing page that lists your products, services, case studies, and offers. Their AI distribution engine distributes the landing page to communities of readers who are interested in it. All this—with a click of a few buttons.

Not only that but they use signals for buying momentum to identify prospects highly likely to convert. Their AI then personalises and tailors each communication in a way that feels most natural to your customers, resulting in 3-4x higher conversion rates compared to baseline.

Schedule calls, chat with your teammates, users, other community members, or your customers—or all of them at once! Do it easily and securely with the collaboration and communication portal. Keep all your communications and files in one place. And you can even e-sign documents too!

Finally, leverage their AI engine to power up and distribute your content across many communities to get your word out with just a click of the button and use social media to grow your business.

When you visit their pricing page ( you will be surprised to know that it is not the usual SaaS type package but it is unique in that it surveys different information to understand your requirements and provides you a revenue estimation based on your inputs with worst and best-case scenarios. With Bitbaza you know your target, expected rewards, risks with precision. is a make in India, sell to the world success story with a customer base and business development operations in the US, Australia, and Singapore. Do visit them today –

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