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Needless to say, everyone desires clean, naturally gorgeous hair and will go to great lengths to achieve it. Hair-care has progressed beyond washing, rinsing, and repeating, and organic products have grown increasingly popular in recent years as people strive for a healthier lifestyle and a healthier environment. Bio Annie was founded to positively impact people’s lives by providing products that are appropriate for them and allowing them to feel confident in who they are. Synthetic and chemical-based hair products are unquestionably unhealthy because they expose not only your hair but also your general health to toxins and hazardous chemicals and break the use of chemical-based hair products that are damaging to your hair or skin.

The visionary entrepreneurs Manvinder Singh and Rajinder Singh launched Bio Annie in 2012 with a single hair oil called Bio Annie, which was made with the key ingredients Amla, Keshraj, Bhringraj, Til oil, and Neem. The product proved to be the greatest for natural hair development, adding lustre and volume to hair while also providing several nutrients. Customers not only loved Bio Annie Hair oil, but they also urged Bio Annie to take it a step further in 2014, launching Bio Annie herbal Shampoo on demand. As a result, there was no turning back, and the markets reaction was incredible. Bio Annie antimicrobial soap was introduced in 2015, Bio Annie Apple cider Vinegar shampoo was introduced in 2018, Bio Annie onion hair oil was introduced in 2019, Bio Annie onion shampoo with green tea and coffee extracts was introduced in 2021, and Bio Annie Bamboo brush was introduced in 2022. 

Manvinder Singh and Rajinder Singh, the founders, have come from a healthcare background and had 11 years of experience running a company called ANT Pharmaceutical, a health care goods distributor. When we used to travel on international trips, we used to acquire an abundance of good quality healthcare products abroad, which was missing in India. We began to notice a variety of different healthcare issues that individuals were experiencing, despite the fact that they were spending the same amount of money on chemical treatments, and this drove us to launch Bio Annie with the goal of providing the greatest hair care solution at an accessible price,they said.

Like that of any other firm, Bio Annies beginning phase was challenging in terms of making the highest quality finished product at an affordable cost. They attained greatness via sheer tenacity and dedication, as nothing comes easy in life. Their success did not come easily, and it took several sleepless nights, hard effort, and patience before they were able to create the product they had always wanted. Bio Annies products undergo dermatological testing as well as 5D quality checks, which involve defining product formulation, checking the quality of raw materials, checking the quality of product packaging material, product test results, and customer feedback reports.

Bio Annie is a well-known brand that belongs to Bio Concept Formulations OTC division, which already includes over 70 products in the pharmaceutical, herbal, wellness, and OTC categories. So Annie belongs to the companys OTC division. Bio Annie has proven to be the most trustful brand in the market, which offers the customer a chemical-free product. 

The 7 products offered by the brand include

  • Bio Annie hair oil
  • Bio Annie shampoo
  • Bio Annie Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo
  • Bio Annie onion hair oil
  •  Bio Annie onion shampoo
  • Bio Annie Antibacterial Soap
  • Bio Annie Bamboo Brush.

 The products are available on Amazon, Flipkart, and other chemist retail stores, as well as other online platforms. Bio Annie is a living example of the fact that everyone has the potential for success, but only those who are motivated and determined to accomplish it do so. As Bio Annie and its founders have demonstrated, there is no alternative for dedication! Visit to learn more – 


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