Behdad Jamshidi Makes Powerful Business Connections with CJAM Marketing

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For businesses, finding a marketing expert can be difficult. Trying to solve this problem is how CJAM Marketing began.

Behdad Jamshidi founded CJAM Marketing. in 2019, and since then the matchmaking business has connected over 300+ businesses with the right marketing partners. Jamshidi’s transition from full-time engineer and business consultant to the complex world of being a marketing broker has allowed him to utilize his superpower of making connections, whether it be ideas, concepts or businesses to each other Proving resilient and adaptable in the face of change along his journey, Jamshidi now ensures clients get the most out of their marketing relationships.

Equipped with an extensive background in engineering and business consulting, Jamshidi identified a gap within the marketing world: the glaring problem of businesses and marketing agencies not speaking the same language: businesses lack an understanding of marketing and marketing agencies struggle to understand businesses. Driven by a desire to bridge that gap, Jamshidi set out on a mission to streamline the process of connecting businesses with the right marketing partners.

Jamshidi’s journey into marketing was initially sparked by a casual conversation over sushi, where he stumbled on the concept of passive income through SEO. Intrigued by the potential, he spent the next 2 years studying the different aspects of digital marketing and application development, immersing himself in online courses, speaking to experts and hands-on experiences. What began as a quest for passive income soon blossomed into a passion for empowering businesses through effective marketing strategies.

Transitioning from engineering to entrepreneurship presented its fair share of challenges for Jamshidi, particularly when his co-founder departed early on. Jamshidi chose to view these obstacles as opportunities for growth, and he sought mentorship and educational resources to fill knowledge gaps — which helped him steer CJAM Marketing to the successful company it is today

The core of CJAM Marketing’s philosophy is efficiency. Jamshidi recognized the struggles businesses face in finding compatible marketing agencies, often resulting in wasted time and resources. In response, CJAM Marketing arose as a matchmaker partner for businesses. Leveraging the wide network he developed after personally vetting over 806+ marketing agencies and partners, Jamshidi ensures that businesses are seamlessly paired with the perfect partners who have both the skill and the care to support their client’s marketing efforts to reach their goals. 

CJAM Marketing’s success can largely be attributed to Jamshidi’s unique approach. Unlike conventional matchmaking services reliant on algorithms, Jamshidi’s approach to marketing partnership prioritizes human connection and personalized recommendations. This human-centric approach ensures compatibility and fosters one-of-a-kind trust between businesses and their marketing partners.

While the company has come a long way Jamshidi sees continued growth for the future, with changes to the marketing landscape presenting a greater need for businesses to have a strategic marketing agency.  Jamshidi’s goal is to continue building out his team to bridge the business and marketing gap to help companies find the perfect match to scale their growth. Beyond matchmaking, Jamshidi is nurturing a community of best-in-class agencies to expand and improve the network even more.

Through CJAM Marketing, Jamshidi is revolutionizing the way businesses hire marketing professionals, paving the way for companies to see substantial growth.


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