Beat the heat this summer with the best bottle in the market: MaxFresh.

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A tote bag, a cap, and a bottle are your summer essentials and your necessities to get through the summer. Bottles are super handy to drink out of and keep one nearby, to also pass it on to someone who might need it. Drinking water during this summer heat is of most importance but to do it style is something that is in question. To carry around old-school chunky bottles that don’t go with your aesthetic is just not it. Purchasing a bottled water bottle every time you want a refresher is out of the question in this economy, it’s not environmental, it’s not light on your purse. Maxfresh is here with their insulating bottles that keep you cool during summers and cozy during winters.

Maxfresh has a range of insulated everyday cookware and essentials. They use only the best of the best materials for their customers to embark on a healthier journey. They use a 304-grade high stainless steel quality on the inside and 201-grade stainless steel on the outside. Out of all the casseroles and other stuff they offer, they had to design the perfect bottle. Their stainless steel bottle will keep things as it is. No messing with it. Liquids in the bottle can remain hot or cold for 24 hours. This guarantee they give you with conviction. They are able to do this with their one-of-a-kind vacuum insulated design. One can store warm milk for their protein shake at the gym or even chilled lemonade for a quick refreshment at the end of their office day. Max Fresh’s bottles have your back. A twenty-four-hour guarantee is something most companies can’t give you but MaxFresh can commit to it owing to their use of a double-wall design that shields any outer temperature to affect the elixir you have inside.

The bottle is very convenient as it is available in various sizes of  500, 750, 1000, 1500, and 1800 ml, whatever suits your needs best. A one-time purchase of a 500 ml bottle is an odd 800 bucks and a long time investment of a say a, 1500 ml bottle is about 1500/- The pricing is justified with such great quality and design. The bigger bottle comes with an extra attachment of a handle to carry it around with ease. The bottle is not only practical but fashionable, the classy stainless steel make will just be another addition to your outfit. No unnecessary design, just a simple logo and voila, a beautiful bottle for all occasions.

Max Fresh dreams to introduce design into people’s everyday life. Long gone are the days where when you want to keep your drink as it is you would need an ugly-looking chonky apparatus to carry around. Join the wave of efficiency with this bottle in hand, summer will just feel like a breeze keeping you refreshed with your drinks chilled as ever!

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