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For any country, women empowerment, upliftment, and higher social status are very important factors for the nation’s growth. Along with this, GDP growth is also a major part of the same. These two can be clubbed together with the major support towards “Women Entrepreneurship.”

One of the best Indigenous brands, BARKAT, has been launched, which shows the perfect example of women entrepreneurship in the fashion industry manufacturing, sales, and online marketing with a sense of indigenous love and vocal for local. Our mother (Dimplz) and daughter (Yoshica) duo started this venture in 2021. We always follow the quote, “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish as said by Michelle Obama, which always keeps us motivated and high on spirit.

BARKAT is a homegrown brand was based on the idea that we are trying to revive the Indian traditional design and products with Indian Karigars with the major objective of Made in India and the #vocalforlocal campaign. Through our domain, the deserving, talented artists are getting the opportunity to showcase their talent and evolve their creativity with innovative traditional designs. All the products will be best in quality and will challenge the other international competitors. We, as a brand, are going to showcase to the world the power of Indian women’s entrepreneurship. When combined with the idea of Made in India, the country can create such an innovative venture that is minimal and a class apart. We want to bring this platform to India, where we have all Made in India brands that are showcased as One India. This will also help to create several job opportunities for our indigenous artisans and small sector manufacturing units, which will help the MSME sectors. As we have all seen that the small artisans, local Karigars and small manufacturing units were the ones who got their lives severely affected by the Covid and lockdown which followed. Providing them work will be beneficial to the nation and to the customer as the customer will get the handcrafted material. The craftsman will get the chance to showcase the talent while they are earning. We do not involve any middle man between the customer and the product, which keeps the rates low and quality high.

With the tagline “The Best of India,” BARKAT is a multi-product fashion store that provides the best handcrafted designs from artisans with a major focus on customer satisfaction. All the products were designed, made and manufactured in India by highly skilled craftsmen. All the products have their own unique distinct features along with eco friendly packaging with a touch of nostalgia that will make you feel at home. In the global world, as most people are running behind Western fashion, we left our own roots, our own culture, and history, which is very rich in textile, clothing, and jewellery as compared to any other western nation. We came up with the Indian local design and craftsmanship.

BARKAT is not only an online store but a motivation that says, “if we can, why can’t you?”

We as a nation need to be more innovative towards our culture, heritage on how to bring back the old golden days where India is called Sone Ki Chiriya. This will only be possible when we push and support our daughters, sisters towards their dreams, their vision, show them faith, allow them to take risks, let them fail, let them learn. We as a nation need equal participation of both men and women in the field of Entrepreneurship to set an example for the world.
There is a very nice quotation which we always remember when we get stuck somewhere. It says, “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. Strength comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t.”





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