Barber Battle EU flies Celebrity Barber JJ Savani out to Prague for International Competition

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Barber Battle EU, will be flying out International Barber, JJ Savani out to Prague Czech Republic during this April as a member of Jury in their international barbering Competition as well as delivering a workshop across the weekend of 9th-10th April 2022.

JJ Savani

The Barber Battle EU Federation and all visitors at this exhibit will be learning from JJ Savani, also known as Jeet A Savani of Ikon Man UK, who has worked with the likes of esteemed Dubai A-listers, Bollywood Stars & more.

Taking to Instagram, Barber Battle EU has posted a video and marketing of JJ welcoming entrants from across the world to take part in the International Competition to be titled Europe’s Best Barber 2022.

As a loyal supporter of JJ Savani’s work, the Barber Battle EU team, who have an international reputation and have been running this event for the last several years, have spared no expense for JJ Savani to fly over for the weekend taking place from 9th April 2022.

Speaking to JJ Savani he mentions “I am very honoured to be invited to this event and look forward to seeing the skills and talent from all barbers across the EU, seeing who will be titled the EU Barber of the Year 2022. “

It’s not the first time a client has flown JJ the barber out for a trim or to teach & judge competitions. Dubbed unofficially as the “Dubai Barber” he regularly gets flown out to the UAE and other countries for 45 minute trims as well as to do various editorial works for the likes of Dubai Fashion Week & more.


Speaking to Fox News, Robert Kellner, Barber Battle EU Management said “We always select our esteemed Jury carefully with accordance to the popularity and skill of the Artist. This is always an Industry professional that shows a depth of creativity from classic styles to current trends within the barbering scene. Not all barbers can create these trends with quality whilst teaching and explaining their art. We are excited to have JJ Savani on board this year who will be judging our competition, following up with a full days training to pass on his skills and creativity to all barbers present at this event from all over the world. All in all we look forward to welcoming JJ and his team alongside the other Jury members for Barber Battle EU 2022.”

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