Bangladesh, Latest News: M Miraz Hossain leads public welfare project for Ban Ki-Moon Center for Global Citizens

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The project, “Help for backward communities”, provides education and medical care to children with physical and mental disabilities, a press release read on Monday.

It aims to build self-reliance through education and training for homeless unemployed youth, and various other public welfare activities, including rearing helpless old people.

Project Director Miraz and his team will carry out the project within a period of three months.

The Ban Ki-moon Center for Global Citizens is a semi-international organisation in Vienna, Austria, the statement added.

Bangladeshi’s Miraz leads public welfare project for Ban Ki-moon Center for Global Citizens.

M Miraz Hossain

Its main objective is to create a world based on universal respect for human rights, regardless of age, gender, identity, religion or nationality, where sustainable development is achieved through shared citizenship through shared responsibility, understanding and empathy.

Miraz was quoted as saying, “We are working for the helpless children, youth and old people. We want to make the disadvantaged people of the society self-reliant through proper education and training.

“Everyone who works with us is a volunteer. As a Bangladeshi, being able to serve the people of the country as well as work for the people at the international level is a great achievement for me.”

Miraz is a director of an organisation in Bangladesh. He has previously served as assistant project director on a number of Canada-based United Nations projects. He has completed another similar project in Chicago, USA.


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