Bagless India – India’s one of its kind Mnemonic Science-based e-learning platform for all learners.

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Bagless India, powered by Taxway Group, is entirely devoted to revolutionising India’s educational practices and learning methodologies. The leadership at Bagless has been instrumental in spreading and supporting many organisations and trainers who have been working in the field of mnemonics and memory science. Bagless is the outcome of more than 15 years of in-depth research on how to utilise the brain’s natural learning abilities and, in sync with them, transform the study patterns so as to make learning easy, fun and stress-free for students. 

How does Bagless India provide stress-free education? 

Human brains are naturally evolved to code and interpret complex stimuli such as images, colours, structures, positions, smells, sounds, tastes, touch, emotions and language. Our memories store all of these stimuli very effectively. 

Sadly, the majority of the information students have to remember during their study life is presented differently – as words printed on a page. While the written text is a rich and strong medium for conveying complex arguments, our brains do not easily encode written information, thereby making it difficult to remember.

We at Bagless understand the way our brain absorbs, interprets and stores information readily and accordingly, we have devised several study techniques and patterns to make learning brain-friendly. We work diligently on such methods with which students can be made to come out of the vicious circle of memorising and forgetting their subject material. All this we have made possible through much tested and validated Mnemonic Science.

Our Mission Statement

To transform the education delivery system through mnemonic Science and make learning a stress-free and fun process by integrating technology and online processes, making it Bagless.

Our Vision Statement

To be the leading organisation working exclusively into the field of Mnemonic Solutions; train every educational institution, teachers, trainers and other people involved in the education sector on Mnemonic way teaching and make the benefits of this Science percolate down to each student. 

 Our Core Values 

Service over Commitment: We challenge your expectations by making high promises and going the extra mile to deliver the services beyond the committed level.

Customer Happiness: We do not aim for customer satisfaction, but we go further and work to ensure absolute customer happiness.

Open Communication and Trust: We firmly believe in harmony between intents, thoughts, words and actions. Our words and deeds always go hand in hand.

Respect: We treat others better than we expect to be treated.

Excellence: In everything we do, we strive to excel always. 

How will the Bagless Platform benefit Society?

Education, learning and constant up-gradation in the key to success. To be successful in society, in their career or any kind of ecosystem, a person should be updated with the current trends and information applicable to that field. All this requires memorising information. Our educational institutions like schools and colleges provide information and learning in the best and most innovative ways. However, they still fail to address the most important parameter that affects the mark sheet of the student….. i.e., Memorisation & Accurate Recall.

We at Bagless India have created a bridge between the learner/student and the teacher/educator by creating a memory science-based online e-learning platform that provides academic learning and supportive and holistic learning courses across the learning spectrum of Society. Bagless India aims to be a one-stop solution for all kinds of educational and other learning courses.

We would like to invite all who want a stress-free learning ecosystem to go through our platform and provide us feedback that will help us further better ourselves and make learning genuinely bagless.  Website:


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