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Ayush Mehta : The Rise of an Entrepreneur

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Who is Ayush Mehta?

Ayush Mehta is one of the most recognizable faces in all of digital marketing. Ayush Mehta is a serial entrepreneur and a digital marketing expert. He has helped 600+ brands, celebrities, and Influencers build brand awareness and their digital presence.

What has Ayush Mehta’s personal life been like?

Born on the 19th of January 1998, 23-year-old Ayush Mehta has truly made his dreams a reality. Ayush Mehta hails from Indore, India, and has one elder brother whom he looked up to as a child. Growing up, Ayush Mehta led a simple life, unaware of the huge success heading his way. He was still unsure of where exactly he wanted to take his life when it was time for Ayush to begin higher studies. So, he chose to pursue a B.Tech. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, since Ayush Mehta was sure that come what may, in a world that is becoming rapidly digitalized, a degree in technology would surely be beneficial in some way or the other.

How did Ayush Mehta’s career start?

Ayush Mehta began developing an affinity for digital marketing when he picked up an internship at a digital marketing firm in 2017, while still in college. After the first taste of digital marketing, Ayush was hooked and chose to do several internships and freelance marketing projects. Ayush Mehta soon got enough exposure to real-world digital marketing and found opportunities left and right to practice his skills. Before his college life came to an end Ayush Mehta was determined to master the art of digital marketing and thus spent a lot of time learning and relearning marketing tricks. Ayush Mehta also realized the importance of building connections in an industry as vast as digital marketing and so begin building a close rapport with top marketers and seniors in the industry- and used these to spread his name in the pool of potential customers.

Once college was over it became a completely different ball game as Ayush Mehta was forced to look for a job that would suit his passion as well as earn him enough income to support himself. As of then, Ayush Mehta was unsure to start up a career in digital marketing by itself so he took up a sales job where he started dealing with B2C clients. After gaining enough knowledge from there, there came a turning point in Ayush Mehta’s life. He felt that he had enough experience and understanding of the online world and resigned from his well-paying job to pursue a career that was truly calling his name. Although quite a bold move especially since he was at the start of his career we can’t complain since Ayush Mehta has more than proven that this was the right decision to make.

What was the next step in Ayush Mehta’s journey as an entrepreneur?

Ayush Mehta started small but he quickly collaborated with some of the top brands and influencers from more than 50 countries thus promoting himself to the local audience of these countries. Within not even a full 12 months in a year, Ayush Mehta had multiplied his follower count on Instagram by 100. Through his hard work and endless determination, Ayush Mehta began providing his services to celebrities, politicians, and brands. He established connections with the top people in the industry and as we know in the world of digital marketing our network is our net worth. Today, Ayush Mehta is still leveraging those connections successfully in building wealth and growing up multiple businesses around the world like MTV, OYO, Ampme, Allen Solly, etc.

Has Ayush Mehta had to face many hurdles along the way? How did he overcome them?

In this world, nothing good comes without hardship. Ayush Mehta also had to go through his own set of struggles before he could breakthrough in the world of digital marketing. Ayush mentions that he struggled a lot in his college days as his field of education and work was different from what he’s passionate about. A common barrier that usually people face while they are following their passion is a lack of support from society. It was the same for Ayush in his early days, but he still stuck to his dreams. “I always wanted to do something big, but I knew I had to start from the ground up. There were setbacks and failures of course, but I knew if I want to create something of my own, I have to be positive and never give up. That’s what I did.”

What should we expect from Ayush Mehta in the future?

Born with the spirit of a fighter, Ayush Mehta is always proving himself to be ambitious and goal-oriented, and ready to struggle for these goals. “I’m not going to stop here. Now that I’ve established contacts and people recognize me, I’m going to make sure I put them to good use. In my brain, I’m working on a massive project. I’ll talk about it once the plan is in place.”, Ayush Mehta adds. It will be quite fun to see what this entrepreneurial genius comes up with next.

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