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Promising Health …the Authentic – Ayurvedic way !

Post pandemic, conscious people are altering their lifestyles by resorting to herbal remedies, food supplements & natural cosmetics. This has led to plethora of opportunities for Retailers and Wellness Brands, who are already planning to elevate their presence and positioning – both, offline and online.

Expanding their brand portfolio to meet this surge in demand, finding quality, consistent and reliable manufacturers remains their top most priority. By being authentic and natural, as desired by our ancient sages in Ayurveda, justifying the nomenclature ‘ASLI‘ is what sets this company apart from the rest.

(ASLI, literally means genuine & authentic) .

About Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines, Wellness Products, Nutraceuticals, Superfoods, and Body Care Essentials, Asli Ayurveda is an institution braced by eminent Baidyas and an in- house Research and Development team. Bonded with ethics, each raw ingredient about every product is procured in small batches, handpicked from the regions at the back of beyond, about the length and breadth of India. From sifting the raw stuff to dispatching the ready product, sterilized conditions are maintained on the line of manufacturing.

Beyond R&D, ASLI’S world class infrastructure and scalable capacities, a brand can expect turney solutions including new product ideas, packaging and label designs. The packaging lines have the versatility to fill creams, liquids, powders, capsules, tablets & herbal teas etc.

The Plant has a consecrated Temple and working in a milieu of Vedic Chants and hymns, not only keeps the Production Teams positively charged up, but it does have an impact in the quality of the produce too. This can only be experienced by visiting the Facility, and cant be put aptly into words.

Synthetic colours, fragrances and additives are far from anything to do with products manufactured here for any private label-BIG or SMALL, LOCAL or GLOBAL .

Asli Ayurveda specializes in collaborating the synergy of active ingredients of multi-herb extracts, other plant matter and natural minerals with Ayurvedic wisdom about stringent quality controls, rigorous trials and quality check – thus making any Private label owner relieved of any manufacturing worries & focus upon boosting sales.


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