Ashik Nihon’s first book “Oaashik” to publish

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“Primarch Inc. publication announced to publish Ashik Nihon’s first story book “Oaashik” on 30th May.

According to the author, the book to be published is basically a story of his life.
Going with them, all the strange and interesting experiences of the author have found a place in the book, Will also come up in the book “Oaashik”.

There are many stories in the book. The book is already being pre-ordered in several online bookshops.

The book is about the memorable events of the life of Ashik Nihon; his childhood, family, struggle for survival, education, hard work, success and social activities etc.

“The book has been widely acclaimed by readers of all ages,” the statement said. “Readers are crowding the stall for the book every day. We are happy with the success,”


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