As Per Garrett Roberts, Our Habits Shape Our Future

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Did you know that our success lives in our habits? The word ‘habitat’ means home or a residing place. Habit and habitat have the same root. One does not need to be a genius to figure out that the more we practice something, the better we get at it. If you are a musician or desire to become one, you need to practice every single day. You need to make music your habit. Although this is easy to understand, what’s difficult is the implementation of this understanding. Why is this difficult? New-age entrepreneur Garrett Roberts blames this inability of ours to implement good habits in our lives on our faulty social conditioning. Here, he shares three tips to replace our existing bad habits with good new ones that could shape a better future for all of us.

Fix a private routine.

According to Garrett Roberts, most people do not have the concept of a private routine. “Most people’s lives simply revolve around their jobs and careers,” says Garrett. “This kind of a career-oriented lifestyle deprives a person of their personal space that allows for growth and perfection.” For Roberts, the balance between life and work is sacrosanct and cannot be compromised. “A person who has a set routine that enables them to organize their mind and strengthen their body has taken the first step towards a fulfilling life,” says Garrett Roberts.

Practice a hobby and follow it through consistently.

“A hobby is like an umbrella on a rainy day. It keeps you insulated from harsh external realities,” says Garrett Roberts. Hobbies keep the mind in a state of balance. They keep you invested in something productive and prevent you from procrastinating. Cultivating a hobby and staying consistent with it has substantial long-term benefits, according to Roberts.

Start slow and grow steadily.

Most times, the urge to give up bad habits and start afresh comes like a Tsunami wave. But after the initial hit, the wave breaks and recedes, leaving us back at square one. “The reason for these false starts in course correction is our inability to judge our capacity for change,” says Garrett Roberts. According to him, change of habits must be implemented slowly. “It is unwise to bite off more than you can chew,” he says.

Habits make or break a man. Good habits are like good friends who can have your back through thick and thin. We thank Garrett Roberts for his simple and practical tips to transform our lives for the better and wish him the very best.

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