As Per Brad Ahn, The 0-Hour Workweek & Financial Freedom can Co-Exist

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Every aspiring entrepreneur has heard of Tim Ferriss’ premise of the 4-Hour Workweek, which is a method that demonstrates viable options and solutions by which a person can spend only four hours working per week without being penalized financially.

Many hard-working people dismiss this premise, as they are conditioned throughout their lives to work as hard as they possibly can and led to believe there is no success without sacrifice.

Some may wonder if there is really any truth behind Ferriss’ concept. Is it really possible to build a comfortable life by only working 4 hours each week?

For Brad Ahn, the 4-hour workweek is a thing of the past. Rather, he believes that people should be more focused on achieving a 0-hour workweek as he currently does.

“Have you heard of the 4-hour workweek? You’re looking at someone that’s putting in a 0-hour workweek. That’s because I enjoy what I’m doing so much that I don’t even consider it work. The most fun I have is when I’m working, not out doing some leisurely activity,” says Ahn.

Brad Ahn is a founder of Ahn Fire Digital, one of the fastest-growing digital sports publications. It is focused on providing the latest news, rumors, and exclusive videos to NBA and NFL fans across the globe. As he further points out, Ahn Fire Digital not only provides the highest quality NBA and NFL news on the internet, but it also offers exclusive content that is not available from other platforms or news outlets.

How did Ahn manage to create a 0-hour workweek? To answer that, Ahn thinks back all the way to late 2011, when his entrepreneurial journey began with a blog called As Ahn explains, he started out with just a $10/hr SEO job as he taught himself how to blog via WordPress on the side.

“I have always been a problem solver, so the synergy of [that] job and my hobby matched perfectly. Trying to outsmart the algorithms of Google and Facebook so I could outrank my competitors was too much fun,” he says. “I used the skills that I acquired from learning SEO, along with social media and PPC strategies that I picked up, to drive heavy traffic to my blog(s), and all of a sudden, I found a viable business that was scalable.”

As Brad Ahn further explains, the 0-hour workweek should be the ultimate goal of any aspiring entrepreneur. He adds, “I feel extremely blessed to have found something I genuinely enjoy doing for work and being able to earn a substantial living at the same time. Some would call this living the dream. Do what you love; the rest will follow.”

In recent times especially, there appears to be an even greater surge of aspiring entrepreneurs turning to their passion projects in the hopes of finding financial independence. Achieving the 0-hour workweek then, is undoubtedly food for thought for anyone who has dedicated their life to “grinding” and “hustling.” 


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