Arnob Khan Akib & Fuyad Hasan Founded Influencer Born

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Influencer Born is a news magazine where only the exact news is published, so in such a period of time, this news portal has beaten all its rival news portals. On this news portal, readers can get accurate influencer information and news on various topics. Before publishing the news here, it is properly checked because only true news is published on this news portal, which is why this news portal remains popular among the public. Influencer Born, the reader can get all the information related to his field. There is news for his readers on all topics like actor, actress, footballer, entrepreneur, influencer entertainment, market trends, sports, fashion, health and many more. In addition to health tips, various information and news are conveyed to the audience. Influencer Born, has been followed by millions of viewers since its launch. Two entrepreneurs, Fuyad Hasan and Arnob Khan Akib Founded it in 2021. Fuyad Hasan is a Musician and entrepreneur. He was born on Dhaka,Bangladesh in 25 Jan 1999. Arnob Khan Akib is a Musician and entrepreneur. He was born on Mohammadpur,Dhaka in 02 July 2000. Apart from their businesses Fuyad and Akib are very good friends in real life. They are trying hard to get great success from Influencer Born.

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