Arnav Singh Raizada, Actor or Entrepreneur?

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Arnav Singh Raizada’s Biography:  It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is the generation of start-ups.

Each day we witness the birth of a new company or rather new innovation in the market. When we talk about successful self-made young Indian millionaires, Arnav Singh Raizada is one of the best examples.

Arnav Singh Raizada is the charismatic co-founder and CEO of the electric sports bike maker NXG Motors and Cryo-Gen pods manufacturer ANNWN Tech. Educated at the Don Bosco School, Siliguri; he had a keen interest in physics and technologies.

Arnav started getting his feet wet as a serial tech entrepreneur with early successes like Earthquake Resistant Technology and Personal Virtual Assistant.

His journey begins from being an average student in academics to the founder of a multimillion-dollar tech company. With a calm personality, a brilliant mind, and a strategic vision, he is one of the passionate entrepreneurs of the country who has taken his company to new heights in a very short period.

His name made a very big impact in mid-2011 when a daily soap was released casting his name as the lead role played by the actor Mr. Barun Sobti as reel role of Arnav Singh Raizada. But the real-life Arnav Singh Raizada was known after the Forbes India Magazine featured him as one of the “10 Most Innovative CEOs Of the Year 2020”, that he gained so much popularity and attention.

Sustainability without innovation is a corpse”- Arnav Singh Raizada

Success does not come overnight; you have to work hard and should have a passion to get it. Arnav Singh, himself is the best example of this. Despite being a school dropout, he decided to make a difference in this world with his work. His vision and ambition to make this world a better place for us to live has made him what he is today. With his passion and never giving up attitude, he has managed to become a successful entrepreneur in just his 20s.

Curious to know more about ASR?

We have everything for you about Arnav Singh Raizada. Here you are going to get an insight into his success journey from being a school dropout to a CEO of one of the most successful start-ups in the country.

Early Life, Education and Career

Arnav Singh Raizada is an Indian entrepreneur and innovator. He was born in a middle-class family in West Bengal. Being a premature baby, he was a bit different from others; Since high school, he was more tech-driven than into academics. Learning about machines, programming, thinking about concepts that a teen at his age would not even imagine. In his 8th standard, he developed a missile system that could hit multiple targets.

He completed his schooling at Don Bosco School, Siliguri. After completing high school, he dropped out in 2016 and decided to start his own Tech & Research Company with his friends. and founded Raizada Infratech Pvt. Ltd. which has many divisions in various sectors one of which is NXG-Motors (an electric sports bike and manufacturer of other electric transportation units).

Arnav Singh Raizada and NXG Motors

The person behind the unique idea of developing Cryo-Gen Pods, that helps people to sleep in an AI-generated environment, with the proper flow of oxygen that helps to reduce ageing and sound sleep for the consumers. As well as the automobile brand NXG Motors which is soon going to announce the launch of its electric sports bike, CYCLOPS and their electric trucks HULDER & JOTNAR (undertrials).

One day, when Arnav came across the news that 0.5% of the newborn babies in the world die due to heart failure because of high pollution levels, one of the major reasons was automobile and transportation. He decided to provide a better solution to the people of his country and to the world. He identified his niche in this industry with an idea to solve these issues with the help of technology, he developed an electric sports bike with a long-range, fast charging and classy looks. In 2018, he officially registered the company as Raizada Infratech Pvt. Ltd. along with his friends, in which he holds the post of CEO & Product Architect.

The company is headquartered in Siliguri, West Bengal. And with an R&D Unit, the company is now planning to finally announce its product launch in 2022.

Net Worth

Arnav Singh’s net worth is estimated to be $18.1 million. More concrete information about the income of ASR shall be updated soon.


Arnav Singh’s father was a central government employee, who expired in 2019, and his mother is a housewife. He always got immense support from his parents.

Not much information about his other family members, such as his siblings is available as of now. The self-made millionaire is not yet married and any concrete information about his love life is not available. He has a small family which he loves the most.

Interesting Facts about Arnav Singh Raizada

He was born and raised in West Bengal. He has completed his high school at Don Bosco School, Siliguri. 

R-Tech was founded in 2016 by Arnav and his friends and officially registered in 2018 as Raizada Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

Other companies founded by Arnav,

  • Annwn Tech Pvt. Ltd. is focused on IoT and tech development Cryo-Gen Pods their upcoming product along with computing devices for banking.
  • Vanaheimr Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the pharmaceutical division that also focuses on product development such as an anti-rape device and a cure for acid attack victims.
  • Eduvedam Pvt. Ltd. is an EdTech company (also the company is planning to enter into fintech).

In 2020, Arnav was listed in Forbes India’s Magazine- “10 Most Innovative CEOs Of the Year 2020”.

He was honoured with an excellence in innovation award by the state government of West Bengal in 2015.

In 2021, Raizada Infratech (i.e., NXG Motors) ‘Excellence in Innovation in Automobile’ by Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

His hobbies include cooking, horse-riding, long-drive, reading books, writing etc. He also has a strong obsession with Marvel Movies.

Arnav’s 1st written books “They live among us” & “Billionaire for rent” are soon to be published in 2022


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