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Are you capable of the job you desire? asks Rahul Pandey at Axolotals Academy.

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The most common reason for unemployment at this time is the lack of skills. The education system is designed only to make the student educated but not skilled. Rahul Pandey, an internationally certified career counselor for international study, and an ex-corporate employee understood this issue and came up with Axolotals Academy. It is an online learning platform to make job-seeking students skilled enough to clinch their dream job. Rahul, himself trains the students for every small aspect in the process of getting their dream job.

Rahul Pandey is an ex-corporate employee with 22 years of experience. He has served in companies like HDFC, and Hyundai Motors as regional training head, and national training manager. During his service time, he trained more than 25000 aspirants. This was the time when he understood that the world is filled with jobs. Still, the aspirants aren’t able to clinch one for themselves, only because of a lack of required skills for the job. Eventually, he took a break and decided to bring out a change in this system. Thus he founded Axolotals Academy, an eLearning and training platform.

At Axolotals Academy, the graduate and post-graduate students are trained with and taught all the aspects related to their job in the corporate world. Whether it is an interview, perfect resume writing, or corporate behavior, Axolotals Academy leaves no element overlooked. The training there has been designed to be helpful even for a complete beginner. It is a 4-6 hours course which will make the aspirant, ready to be hired. Also, there are some bonuses added with the course like Resume writing, Interview cracking, and so on.

Along with skills, it also enhances the aspirants’ resume with a certificate of completion. The training is beneficial primarily for Job, Customer relations, and public relations in the Automobile Industry. The highlight of the course is its price. When it comes to the price of this course, the makers have kept a decent price for it, keeping every segment of society in mind. So if you too are an aspirant or know one, visit for details or mail at

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