Are Automation and AI Bound to Take Up Human Jobs? Samuel Cardillo Shares His Insights

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The idea of intelligent machines helping humans in their day-to-day tasks has been around since the 50s. Alan Turing, the father of AI, had to build a whole new machine to accurately predict enemy attacks during WWII. His work inspired a series of what were called Turing Machines in the generations to come. More than six decades have passed since then, and today, the AI robot indeed stands on many giant shoulders that have contributed to bringing it about. Some people feel automation and AI will take up human jobs; others think humans will find their way around it. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ShadowBreak Intl and the CTO of RTFKT Studios, Samuel Cardillo, has the following insights on the subject.

One of the ways we learn better about our world is through statistics. Stats allow us to make sense of large data that would otherwise drive us insane. However, in the case of AI, statistics sometimes point one way and sometimes another. Sharing his insights on stats that imply that AI will eventually take over human jobs, Samuel Cardillo says, “The World Economic Forum claims that around 85 million jobs stand to be taken away by AI. But if you let this bit of information instill fear in your heart, you stand to walk away dismayed. That’s because it’s not the complete story. The stats also point out that some 97 million new jobs will be created by 2025. So yes, change is around the corner. Bots are entering the workspace, and they are more efficient than us in ways we cannot challenge. However, that does not mean that they will replace us in ways we like to imagine.”

The benefits of AI are available to anyone who uses a computer or a smartphone today. That’s some complex technology right in the comfort of your palm and home. Samuel Cardillo urges people to think about this. He says, “Have your computer and phone taken away jobs or created them? Surely, they have created more than they have taken away. However, there’s something more they do take away: our level of focus and discipline, for instance. So, perhaps, the real problem to fear is losing out the strength of our mind and earth because AI makes us depend on it more than is good.” Samuel Cardillo’s insights bring in a fresh perspective on the whole debate, and by putting the spotlight on general people, he shows us how we need to share the responsibility of our future with modern technology that’s ever-evolving.


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