Arash Barman American-Iranian internet entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of BOOS

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Arash Barman a famous American-Iranian internet entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of BOOS which is an online dating application for the existing Persian-Jewish community, aged 20 born on 12th of March 1999, heighten 6’1″ has worked super hard to achieve his goal and chase his biggest of dreams. He always wanted to and wished to become an NBA player since he was a toddler. His keen interest in basketball was incompatible, he loved playing basketball to a great extent that he never became interested in any other career path or any other field. With this as his dream, he also faced a few challenges to get what he wished for. ArashBarmaan was born to a Middle Eastern family and different-minded parents who always expected him to be a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer. His parents wanted him to fulfill the stereotype of the community they belonged to by choosing a profession that was being a doctor, an engineer, or a lawyer. Arash, being dedicated to his dreams and goals never listened to his parents and always denied them in terms of choosing a carrier. He hence always followed his dreams and his heart, he worked hard and followed his dreams in every possible way he could. However, there came another biggest barrier in between his dreams which then forced him to work even harder. It was when he was cut from his high school varsity basketball team due to racial political profiling reasons, he realized that he needs to put more practice into his interest in basketball. He wanted to work hard and get selected in the Santa Monica College men’s basketball team without giving them a reason to cut him off from their team. With this many tryouts came by and there were not many roster spots left as many of the spots had been reserved and occupied for the returning player team and the recruits. Besides this Arash, being confident and dedicated to his dreams still had the potential and a great chance to make it in the following years and during the process of his selection and hard work, he changed his mind and his plans. Arash then decided to play overseas instead and then transition into the NBA, believing to the fact that it would certainly increase his probability of being made a professional basketball player. During the same years’ summer season, he realized and agreed to the point that this was going to be the best for him and his future. All the odds were stacked against him, he had various barriers and problems, due to his given physical genetics and background. Hence, even if he ended up being a professional basketball player and making it to his dreams, he would not be as successful as all the other well-known names and big-known basketball players and would be all worn out, banged, and forgotten by the time or when he retires. After being given several scenarios that could have taken part if he had a basketball life and career, he still banged them and decided to pursue his long-standing and long-time dreams and aspirations of creating and making his app as a future CEO and a founder of his own business. ArashBarman, a successful wise man today, is currently transferring to the University of Miami to follow his dreams, he is on the path to get a degree major in sports administration so he can satisfy his foreign parents’ intentions of a normal child who followed his passion all while managing his dating app BOOS. Arash still someday intends to become a well-known NBA athletic trainer and be closer to what was always his only living passion in his life.


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