Apple’s height – A leading name in the real estate business

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You can’t deny the fact that a beautiful building with a marvelous design always attracts people and the fancier it is, the more ability it has to make people curious about the interiors. Apple’s height, a professional in this field is to help you with solutions for your dream space.
About Apple’s height
Apple’s height is a very established name in the real estate business since 2006. The company is based in Ludhiana, Punjab and the company is a part of Parasmani Group. As a company aiming for providing quality service, the employees work in teams for different projects throughout the country. The company has expanded its reach throughout different areas, thus making the company a leading choice in the real estate business.
Apple’s Height has mastered building fantastic and marvelous architectures throughout the years and the dedication and passion for making their work perfect is quite evident through the buildings constructed by the company. They have already completed many projects ranging from building massive buildings, commercial buildings to villas and many more.
A center of attraction in the heart of Ludhiana, the building is a hotspot for different business chains, restaurants, and food chains, and over 10,000 people visit the place daily. Apple’s heights meet top quality expectations in terms of grand and elegant architectural structure, using modern technologies to add up the overall efficiency while also keeping up the latest elevators, safety systems and encouraging the use of sustainable resources by incorporating small details. The location of the complex is just perfect with an airport just some minutes drive away. Also, the whole complex is surrounded by fancy restaurants, luxury hotels, shopping malls and major fancy areas. The company has tied up with PM AWAS YOJANA and has been able to deliver over 100 houses in Ludhiana.
Delivered projects by the company
Delivered Projects.
• Apple’s Height, Zirakpur
• Apple’s Villa, Ludhiana
• Smart City affordable housing, Ludhiana

Upcoming Projects by the company
• Apple’s Height, Ludhiana
• Apple’s Height Phase 2, Zirakpur
• High Street Market, Ludhiana
Apple’s Villas are spread over a massive area of nearly 10 acres and the design and construction of the villas are very remarkable. Apple’s Villas are one of the most spacious housing facilities in Ludhiana.
They follow a module of 7 elements to create their designs. The company believes that a proper air ventilation system, proper treatment and filtration of water flow, encouraging maximum use of the natural light system, smart workspaces for ultimate comfort, open spaces encouraging fitness routines, proper provision for nourishing options, and beautiful landscapes for a peaceful sight and mind is the main motto behind every design the company works on. Well planned layouts and efficiently beautiful designs are the specialty of the company’s designs. The layouts for the buildings meant for commercial use is decided after considering all the ways to make it comfortable as well as productive for both small workspaces and rather large ones.
Talking about some of the company’s upcoming projects, they are set to start Apple’s height phase 2 in Zirakpur after the massive success of Apple’s height. Also, this time they intend to focus on making the parking lot and pedestrian plaza a little more spacious. Another highly anticipated project the company is working on is High Street Market which is located in a populated area and they are planning to construct independent double-storey shops this time.
Apple’s height has already made a strong base in the real estate business and its work efficiency is quite evident of the success and power the company holds in this field


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