Anurag Chaddha Editor In Chief of News1India currently work hard to grow the channel into one of the leading news channel across country

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Anurag Chaddha a very well known Journalist who setted benchmark for other journalist by his fearless journalism currently working as editor in chief in News1India. Anurag Chaddha was born in Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh. He was recently rewarded as Editor In chief at News1India . He is currently giving guidence to more than thousands his of crew member.

Anurag Chaddha

Anurag Chaddha has spent a very long time in the field of Journalism. He started his carrer in print journalism later he joined TV journalism . Whatever the mode of Journalism either print or TV, Anurag always was famous for his fearless journalism.

He has worked for one of the top news channels like Zee Business and Zee Information. He was one of the Key member of the Zee group . He played key role for the growth of  Zee Up , Zee Information Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgath in their respective states.

Anurag Chaddha is in the field. Of journalism for a long span of time around 25 Years. During this long span of time he has achieved many extraordinary achievements in the field of journalism. He has uncovered so many culprits of bomb blasts , corruption etc. Some of the special quality which Anurag Chaddha have is his aggression and fearless style which make him popular among the audience. He is one of the people who helped the Income Tax department and CBI to collect all the facts in the case of corruption of noise authority yadav Singh. Along with it he was person who played important role to bring the actual motives behind the blast of Bhushan Metal Manufacturing Plant in Ghaziabad. On the year 2017 , he founded information 1 channel. The main reason behind the opening of this channel was to provide correct information to the audience . 


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