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Anupam Pharmaceutical’s Success Story- Founder , Buisness model ,Challenges & More

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Despite the Ayurveda, a natural system of medicine originated in India more than 5,000 years ago, Ayurveda has kept the prestige and glory alive from Indian history to the present day. Ayurveda has found its way to the present day, from the families of sages and sages passing on their knowledge to this tradition to the generations to come.

Dr. Lovekush Singh is a new generation enthusiastic holistic health ayurveda specialist who has solved many complex problems with his expertise and researched medicines not only in Ayurveda pharma field but also in diagnostics area.

He was graduated from Asia’s top 1st Ayurved university “Gujarat Ayurved University” and postgraduate from ICFAI University.

Apart from this, Apart from this, he has achieved many other specializations under which apart from clinical research and trials from a reputed institute in Delhi, his tireless efforts earned him certificates of honor in various disciplines like Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Core Components & Multimodal Strategies, Emerging respiratory viruses including Covid-19 and so many from WHO and Harvard Medical School, and earned respect, prestige and fame in life.

He also got Certification on Medical Cannabis Essentials from London on July 14, 2020. A study based on the core principles of the cannabis plant, cannabinoids and key clinical factors like consulting, indications, dosing, prescribing, side effects, contraindications and drug interactions was included.Dr. Lovekush Singh has earned fame not only in the country but also abroad with his wisdom and scholarcity.

Dr. Singh has earned reputation by getting memberships in Ayurvedic Board/associations in countries like America, Singapore, California, Europe.

Dr Singh believes that Ayurveda considers health as a reflection of a person living with nature and disease when this harmony becomes disturbed. In ancient times, sages and sages considered Ayurvedic herbs as a remedy to cure many health problems and diseases. These herbs were intensively studied and used before coming to any conclusion about the accuracy of the medicinal values of these herbs and their effectiveness in treating various diseases and diseases. By combining many types of plants and herbs to gain the benefit of medicine or therapeutic value, Ayurveda has proved itself capable of overcoming various health problems occurring in the human body. Today, Ayurveda is being widely used in modern medical systems. It began with many types of research conducted by scientific research and has proved how effective and positive the role of plants or herbs can be for human health.

Lovekush first came to Kanpur from Delhi and was appointed as Assistant Manager in a pharmaceutical company, after just his college, but but after a few days he was appointed as a research officer in another Delhi based Pharma Company and later on he was appointed in AIIA, Ministry of Ayush (OS-Contract) and was employed there since March-2019.

Dr Singh has always been interested in self employment. In this context, his grandfather used to give a lot of knowledge about the same. But now the time had come to give the dimension of that knowledge.He thought about giving a better job than doing a job. But there was a need to create an organization for this. So initially, he formed an organization called Anupam Group India, under which he established a Holistic Health Care Center named Anupam Holistic Health Care as it’s subsidiary and was a 1st branch of organisation. Where patients are being advised to treat many diseases due to their healthy lifestyle and exposure to Ayurveda treatment. It has a free of cost consultation services every Sunday since the date of establishment. His organization is giving treatment and curing the many critical diseases regardless of ability to pay. Many Ayurveda specialists and physicians are focusing on the ability to pay for common and some serious diseases. Anupam Group India is a Corporate Business Administration and Management in the health and pharmaceutical sector, a fast-growing organization based in New Delhi.

In the year 2019 itself, the second and third subsidiaries were created to operate under Anupam Group India, whose names are Anupam Pharmaceuticals and Anup Pharmaceuticals respectively. Anup Pharmaceuticals is responsible for the production of Ayurvedic medicines while Anupam Pharmaceuticals is responsible for selling the manufactured medicines in wholesale and retail markets and eCommerce platforms. Anup Pharmaceutical minds your health and a healthy lifestyle because your health is their first priority. They are constantly trying to be the best for you. They ensure consistency in herbal ingredients and uniformity of all products and every product is developed and formed by under observation of our Ayurveda experts and it is approved by the Directorate of AYUSH (Ministry of AYUSH).

Ayurvedic medicines are availed by Anupam Pharmaceutical in wholesale and retail markets in around 15 metro cities across 4 states, while the company has its own eCommerce website at more than 30000 pincodes across the country and its facilities on other platforms like Amazon etc. delivers at their doorstep.

When we asked Dr. Lovekush Singh the reason for leaving the job and wanting to know about his future in this, on which he told us that Anupam Group India has been successful so far and will continue to be successful because we are working according to the rules of the company. Our priority is to ensure that our customers have a healthy life and satisfaction with our products.He told that we are moving towards success at a slow pace, because when we are doing something new, we are becoming something good, then we take time. The speed automatically increases after a certain amount of time. Provided that if we learn to deal with difficulties easily.

Ayurveda health care services by Dr LoveKush Singh are also available on multiple platforms including online channels where one can easily get convenience by getting excellent Ayurvedic consultation, and make their routine life healthy and happy both national and international.The website is &


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