Angela Jimenez – From Public Housing to CEO of the Housing Authority of the City of High Point

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Angela Jimenez and her journey from growing up in Public Housing in High Point, North Carolina, to becoming the CEO of the Housing Authority of the City of High Point is a story of resilience, determination, and visionary leadership. Her personal and professional experiences have profoundly shaped her approach to leadership and her commitment to driving a culture of empowerment within the.

Raised in the very community she now serves, Jimenez brings a unique perspective to her role, ensuring that her strategies and initiatives are grounded in empathy, inclusivity, and a deep understanding of the program participants’ needs. Her leadership is characterized by a steadfast dedication to breaking down stereotypes, fostering community engagement, and implementing innovative programs that aim not just to provide housing but to empower lives and build strong foundations for individuals and families.

In this interview, Jimenez shares insights into her transformative journey, her strategic vision, and the impactful initiatives under her leadership that have significantly contributed to the well-being of the High Point community. She discusses the challenges she faced, the inspirations behind her commitment to public service, and her ambitious plans for the future of the Housing Authority. Through her narrative, it becomes evident that Jimenez’s leadership is not just about managing resources and developing programs; it’s about inspiring change and nurturing a culture of success and self-sufficiency among the participants she serves.

Could you share your experience growing up in public housing in High Point, NC?

I grew up in Public Housing in High Point, NC, feeling a strong sense of family and community. Those who had more generously shared with those who had less, fostering a true sense of belonging.

How did the stereotypes of Public Housing participants impact your personal and professional journey?

The stereotypes deeply affected me, but they positioned me to bring about change as the Administrator. I focus on breaking down stereotypes and empowering others, grateful for the support and inspiration I’ve received along the way.

What inspired you to pursue education at High Point University after your time in the U.S. Army?

My supervisor at Lucent Technologies, Dave Berger, taught me the importance of choosing to succeed through education. His encouragement led me to piece together my education and career, taking it one step at a time.

Can you tell us about your experience working in various capacities at the Housing Authority of the City of High Point before becoming CEO?

I started as the Executive Assistant and, through hard work and determination, rose to Chief Operation Officer. I then moved to Rockingham Housing Authority, where I led the turnaround of the organization in less than a year.

How did your roles prior to becoming CEO prepare you for your current position?

Every role, especially supporting the first African American male leader of the HPHA, prepared me for the challenges and insights needed as the first female, second African American and former Public Housing participant leading HPHA as the CEO.

How do you feel about being the first female CEO of the Housing Authority of the City of High Point?

Being the first female CEO and former participant comes with challenges and rewards, requiring strength, focus, and perseverance. It’s rewarding to inspire others by staying on the course despite the many obstacles that I must consistently overcome.

How does the Housing Authority support Public Housing participants in transitioning to private markets or homeownership?

We support participants through programs aimed at self-sufficiency, reducing government dependency, and achieving homeownership.

How do you balance the challenges of providing housing while also running empowerment programs not funded by HUD?

We manage these challenges through grant applications and partnerships.

How do you ensure the Housing Authority meets the diverse needs of over 2400 school-age children?

We engage with school community partners and encourage participation in parenting and youth programs, focusing on direct engagement and support.

Can you discuss the certifications and licenses you hold within the housing industry?

I hold numerous certifications and licenses in HUD Public Housing, Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Programs, Tax Credits, Multi-Family, Realtor, Housing Finance Development, and much more. These have enhanced my effectiveness in the real estate and affordable housing industries.

How have your roles on various commissions and boards influenced your approach as CEO?

They have provided valuable insights and resources for the families we serve, enriching my leadership approach and strategy.

What do these awards like the 2009 Businesswoman Extraordinaire of High Point mean to you personally and professionally?

I’m always humbled and honored by recognition, which I never foresaw. It reflects my achievements and contributions to the community.

As CEO, how do you approach the mission of “empowering lives and building foundations” at the Housing Authority?

I understand that building a foundation takes more than brick and mortar, therefore we offer a myriad of programs and services aimed at self-sufficiency, reduction or elimination of government dependence, or homeownership. These include Public Housing and Section 8, family self-sufficiency, education navigation, and comprehensive housing counseling, among others.

Could you explain the innovative learning initiatives the Authority offers for participants of all ages?

Our Seeds-to-Success Initiatives cater to ages 0 – 100, aiming to elevate everyone’s life level and break generational cycles through innovative learning programs and services.

What are some of the most successful initiatives the Housing Authority has implemented under your leadership?

The Seeds-to-Success Initiatives, including the Cecil Brockman Youth Academic Center and various youth, senior, and educational programs, alongside development activities like the Daniel Brooks and Clara Cox Redevelopment Projects now known as Legacy Ridge Apartments and Park Terrace Apartments, respectively.

What message do you have for young individuals growing up in Public Housing today?

Adjust your vision of yourself and your community to see clearly spiritually, physically, and mentally. Overcome stereotypes and negative self-talk, affirming your vision daily. Believe in yourself, as you are enough.

No matter what happens in life, keep looking up and looking forward!  Not to have the light shine on you but to shine in you!  You  must understand that the process of personal and professional ups and downs are consistent just as success and achievement.  Surround yourself with positive people that can breathe life into you and not death.  These same people will believe in you even if you don’t believe in yourself!

Looking Ahead

It’s clear that Angela Jimenez and her leadership at HPHA goes beyond administrative duties. She embodies the very essence of transformative leadership—using her position to make a tangible difference in people’s lives, leading with compassion, and paving the way for a brighter future for the High Point community.

Her story is a powerful reminder of the impact of visionary leadership on individuals and communities alike, offering hope and inspiration to many, especially those growing up in similar circumstances. Under Jimenez’s leadership, HPHA stands as a beacon of empowerment, inclusivity, and positive change, demonstrating the profound effect of dedicated leadership on fostering resilient and thriving communities.


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